A Mom’s Mother’s Day Message: Be a ‘Difficult Daughter’

Be fearless. Be eccentric. Be a difficult daughter.

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My future best friend. (Photo: Akanksha Swarup)

Naani often whined to Nanu about Mamma being a “difficult daughter”. And while I tear my hair out as the karmic cycle begins, to fret and fume over your safety and health is probably just the beginning. But subconsciously, that’s how I too would like you to be... difficult.

Because when you’re being difficult, you’re beginning to think about yourself which is really nothing to be guilty of. And during the process of loving yourself , you inadvertently learn how to love others.

Karma thy name is Ishaani. (Photo: Akanksha Swarup)
Karma thy name is Ishaani. (Photo: Akanksha Swarup)

Difficult isn’t easy to please. You will question and you will argue. After all there is nothing more seductive than a thinking woman. Unleash that curiosity. Skip the clamour when others around you act difficult, because they too have the right to do so. Taming is also an art.

Growth is an organic process so never shy away from reinventing yourself. Embrace the transitions in life and move on because nothing matters more than you.

Be your own anchor so that when you decide to be with your partner, beyond the barriers of gender and race, you compliment each other like yin and yang. Being united despite the differences is togetherness.

Difficult daughters make thinking women. (Photo: Akanksha Swarup)
Difficult daughters make thinking women. (Photo: Akanksha Swarup)

To be a career woman or a home maker should be your choice. You’re an individual beyond the brackets of a daughter, wife or mother. May these roles bring you joy and wisdom. You are no wonder woman or Goddess. And you don’t have to be one.

Your body is a temple. Let nobody including you disrespect it. Good health is what matters, not your size so enjoy a papaya as much as a pizza. Those who body shame are probably battling their own demons.

Invest in friends with loyalties. They yield maximum returns sans any risks.

Mommy’s cheeks are so nom nom. (Photo: Akanksha Swarup)
Mommy’s cheeks are so nom nom. (Photo: Akanksha Swarup)

And beyond Freud’s limited understanding of parental bonds, remember that Moms can love their daughters as unconditionally as they love their sons. After all, it was Mamma you first puckered up to.

And when I’m gone, light my pyre coz I don’t have a son to do it. Don’t think I need one when I have you.

Your eccentric Genie,


P.S: Papa and you are friends who can afford to be stupid, but not always.

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