The remark comes after a petition was filed on to take down the page advertising the doormat featuring the Indian flag. (Photo: The Quint)
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Amazon Apologises to India After Sushma’s Visa Denial Threat

Amazon Canada was retailing doormats with the Indian flag on them until recently, which had triggered a storm of protests.

Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj took cognisance of the matter and asked the company to issue an “unconditional apology” or her ministry will “not issue visas to any Amazon official in future”.

Amazon, which had halted the sale of the doormat has issued an apology to India over the contentious doormats.

A petition was also filed on demanding that the company take the doormat off its website and issue an apology to all Indians.

Twitter Responds

People were quick to respond to the bold move taken by the minister. Some applauded it while others thought denying visas was unnecessary.