BS Yeddyurappa 
BS Yeddyurappa (Photo: PTI)
  • 1. Who Are Lingayats?
  • 2. From a Clerk to a Lingayat Leader
  • 3. The Rise to Power
  • 4. Lingayat Leader by Coincidence
  • 5. The Janata Party Split And Entry of Yeddyurappa
How BS Yeddyurappa Emerged as Karnataka’s Lingayat Strongman

Ahead of the assembly polls in Karnataka, the BJP is the only party to have announced a chief ministerial candidate. Even though several BJP leaders, like Anantkumar Hegde, are becoming popular in the party cadre and public, BJP is still sticking with BS Yeddyurappa as their candidate for the post.

Despite corruption charges – of which he was later absolved – a rebellion which led him to float a rebel party in turn, causing a serious dent in BJP’s performance and making room for Congress’ victory last election, Yedyurappa was relaunched by Modi, appeased and promoted to the Centre and now, he’s back where he belongs  – in the state political arena.

So why is Yeddyurappa important to the BJP and why is he powerful? The answer lies in is his caste politics.

There could be other BJP leaders who are popular among the party workers, but it is Yeddyurappa who is the mass leader. He is the tallest leader for the Lingayat community, which is the largest vote bank in the state. And his rise to the position of a formidable Lingayat leader in Karnataka is result of the several decades of political events in the state’s history.


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