Zomato Gold Discounts and Offers
Zomato Gold Discounts and OffersPhoto: The Quint
  • 1. Why Is There A Logout Campaign?
  • 2. How Does Zomato Gold Operate?
  • 3. What Is Zomato Saying about #Logout?
  • 4. What Are Restaurants Saying?
  • 5. Will Consumers Not Get Anymore Discounts?
Zomato Logout: Why Are Restaurants Protesting Against Discounts?

Who doesn’t like happy hours or one-plus-one or two-plus-two offers on drinks and food? Well, that’s exactly what Zomato was offering with Zomato Gold for Rs 1,199 per year, a service it started in November 2017. It had signed up a list of 10,000 restaurant partners and had over 1 million active subscribers on Zomato Gold, as of March 2019.

In July 2019, Zomato launched another service, Infinity Dining, for Zomato Gold members, where one could order anything from the entire menu with unlimited servings at a fixed cost. And that’s when the penny dropped. For the price of a two-course meal, patrons were given an all-you-can-eat offer (and in some cases, all-you-can-drink too).

Other apps like Dineout also offers something similar with Gourmet Passport. It gives members a buy-one-get-one on buffets, food and drinks at over 800 restaurants. Sounds like a good deal, right?

Why then are restaurants logging out of Zomato, Dineout, Eazydiner and other apps? Here’s why.

  • 1. Why Is There A Logout Campaign?

    The point of such discounts and offers from Zomato and others was to get diners into restaurants more frequently. But some restaurants are having none of this “deep-discounting” anymore. It’s hurting their profits, they say.

    The National Restaurant Association of India started the movement asking restaurateurs to #Logout from all discounting apps. Around 1,200 restaurants that were a part of the Zomato Gold program have logged out from it saying “deep-discounting” (one-plus-one offers are like a 50 percent discount) is hurting their profits.

    The restaurants had signed up on Zomato Gold, being promised an “exclusive” service, but soon noticed that there was plenty of competition from other neighborhood restaurants also on the app, thereby failing to build customer loyalty as the program intended.

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