What is the President’s rule and why was it imposed in Maharashtra? 
What is the President’s rule and why was it imposed in Maharashtra? (Image: The Quint)
  • 1. Why Was It Imposed in Maharashtra
  • 2. What Does President's Rule Mean
  • 3. How Long Can the President's Rule Continue
  • 4. Shiv Sena, Congress-NCP Protest President's Rule
  • 5. Maharashtra's History With President's Rule
Amid Tussle, President’s Rule in Maharashtra: What Does This Mean

Following a 19-day-long political impasse in Maharashtra, President’s rule came into force in the state on Tuesday, 12 November, after political parties failed to stake claim to form the next government.

Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari sent a report to the Centre stating that formation of a stable government was “impossible in the current situation despite all his efforts.”

So, what is the President’s rule? Why was it imposed and how does it affect the people of the state?

  • 1. Why Was It Imposed in Maharashtra

    In the 21 October Assembly election, the results of which were declared on 24 October, the BJP emerged as the single largest party with 105 seats followed by the Shiv Sena 56, the NCP 54 and the Congress 44.

    However, the political impasse lingered on for the 19th day after the results were declared, with the Congress and the NCP saying that they have not yet taken any decision on Shiv Sena's proposal of forming the government.

    The BJP, on the other hand, does not have the numbers to form the government independently.

    The Union Cabinet recommended that the President issue a Proclamation under Article 356(1) of the Constitution imposing President's rule in Maharashtra and keep the state legislative Assembly under suspended animation.

    The governor, on his part, noted that he made attempts to explore the possibility of formation of government by having appropriate communications with all political parties which could have formed the government in alliance with other political parties, but they have not succeeded – prompting the imposition of President’s rule.


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