What is this charity organisation run by <i>bhai</i> that we’ve all heard about?
What is this charity organisation run by bhai that we’ve all heard about? (Photo: The Quint) 
  • 1. How Did Being Human Begin?
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All About Bhai’s ‘Being Human’: How Much Charity, How Much Profit?

For almost a decade now, superstar Salman Khan has been invariably donning T-shirts with ‘Being Human’ scrawled across, for all the cameras to see. And see they do. But, what is this charity organisation run by bhai that we’ve all heard about? Is it an NGO? Who makes the merchandise? Where does the money go and how much money is actually used for charity? We try to find out.

  • 1. How Did Being Human Begin?

    In 2007, Salman Khan launched the Being Human Foundation (BHF) , a registered non-profit charitable trust which provides financial support for healthcare and primary education.

    In 2009, he introduced the ‘Being Human’ clothing line at the HDIL Couture Week. The biggest Bollywood stars walked down the ramp wearing early versions of the Being Human T-shirts, with Katrina Kaif even wearing a gown with a print of Salman Khan’s artwork.

    This was also the first time the Bollywood star spoke about his rationale behind starting a clothing line.

    Clothes, watches, paintings... whatever talent I have, whatever sells, we will sell it and all the money from that will go into the (BHF) charitable foundation.
    Salman Khan at the HDIL Couture Week 2009

    In late 2010, at a music release function, Salman wore a T-shirt with a print of one of his paintings. Two days later, as he drove past Mumbai’s busy shopping street, Linking Road, he noticed imitations of his T-shirts everywhere.

    Speaking to Forbes India about Being Human’s origins recently, Salman had said:

    I told myself, ‘This is it. We’ll sell T-shirts to make money for charity.’ We couldn’t keep asking people for donations, so we set up the clothing line.
    Salman Khan
    What is this charity organisation run by <i>bhai</i> that we’ve all heard about?
    The original and now classic Being Human T-shirts.
    (Photo courtesy: Kathmandu Today)

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    He entered into a partnership with retail giant Cotton World to manufacture and sell the T-shirts offline, while online they were up for sale on BookMyShow. By December 2011, Cotton World sold 65,000 units of the classic Being Human T-shirts. Being Human watches were also sold on beinghumanwatches.com – both the website and the product has been discontinued.


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