Anand Singh has submitted his resignation over the JSW land deal. 
Anand Singh has submitted his resignation over the JSW land deal. (Photo: The Quint)
  • 1. What is the JSW Land Deal?
  • 2. The Delay in Sale
  • 3. Why Sell Instead of Lease?
  • 4. Dues Owed by JSW to Mysore Mineral Limited
  • 5. The Amount Paid is Too Low
  • 6. The Politics of Deal
Karnataka JSW Land Deal: Scam or Political Tool?

When Karnataka Congress MLA Anand Singh tendered his resignation on Monday, 1 July, the JD(S)-Congress coalition government’s initial fear was another attempt by the BJP to topple the government.

But by the afternoon, Anand Singh made it clear that his resignation was a protest against the government’s decision to sell 3,666 acres land to Jindal group’s JSW Steel Ltd, in Ballari for iron ore mining.

Anand Singh was the second Congress MLA to oppose this land deal. Senior Congress leader and former Minister for Rural Development and Panchayat Raj HK Patil too, had raised his objection with it.

There are three major points of contention raised against the JSW land deal. First, why the land is sold instead of just leasing it; second, the allegation that the price offered is too low; and third, that JSW owes money to state run Mysore Minerals Limited (MML).

So is JSW land deal a scam or just a controversy created for political reasons?

  • 1. What is the JSW Land Deal?

    Anand Singh has submitted his resignation over the JSW land deal. 
    JSW Steel. 
    (Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@jswsteel)

    The deal was originally proposed in 1996, by then Deve Gowda-led government.

    The deal came to life in 2006, when JD(S)-BJP coalition government approved it and it was signed by the then deputy chief minister and industries minister BS Yeddyurappa, the current BJP state president.

    The first deal in 2006 provided JSW 2,000 acres in two villages in Ballari for a lease period of six years. Subsequently, in 2007, 1,666 acres in three more villages were brought under the deal for a lease period of 10 years. As per the agreement, at the end of the lease period this land would be sold to the company.

    The Karnataka cabinet had recently decided to convert the lease of 3,667 acres to JSW Steel at Ballari into sale, in accordance with the initial agreement, as it was overdue. The company was asked to pay Rs 18 crore ie 2,000 acres at the rate of Rs 1.22 lakh per acre and the rest of 1,666 acres at Rs 1.5 lakh per acre.


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