Google’s annual revenue generated from YouTube is almost 4 billion US dollars
  • 1. Why Would I Want To Make Money Off YouTube?
  • 2. How Do I Get Started?
  • 3. How do I Manage My Online Content?
  • 4. How Much Can I Earn?
  • 5. Is There a Lot of Competiton?
  • 6. Is it Tough to Make Big Bucks?
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Here Is How You Can Make Money off YouTube – FYI, It’s Not Easy

We are currently living in a day and age where not a picture, but rather a video speaks a thousand words.

Ever since the launch of YouTube back in 2005, people have exploited the online video sharing platform to a vast extent. The convenience and easy accessibility to high speed internet and basic video shooting equipment has given people a chance to share any talent, skill set or opportunity. In this particular case – by using YouTube.

  • 1. Why Would I Want To Make Money Off YouTube?

    Today, YouTube is the largest video sharing platform, and caters to more than 1.3 billion active users, with almost 5 billion videos being watched everyday, and 300 hours of videos being uploaded every minute.

    So, why are people putting in the effort to upload videos and promote themselves? And why are advertisers flooding YouTube to sell their products?

    One simple answer: For the money.

    For many, YouTube is a full time job, which means that they are earning a considerable amount from it on a monthly basis. Some nearly $100 a day. But, the big question is – how?