ICC World Test Championship 2019-21
ICC World Test Championship 2019-21(Photo: Twitter/@HomeOfCricket)  
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  • 3. How Will the Test Championship Work?
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  • 8. What is the Verdict on the World Test Championship?
  • 9. What is India’s Schedule for the World Test Championship?
World Test Championship: Everything on ICC’s Test ‘World Cup’

The World Test Championship is basically the World Cup for Test Cricket. But, unlike the ODI World Cup that takes place every four years - it won’t be an exclusive tournament.

Instead, it will comprise a numbers of Test matches played over a period of two years, with a final match at the end to decide the eventual winner. The first edition of the championship will begin in August 2019 and run till June 2021.

ICC first floated the idea in 2009. It was approved in 2010, with plans of hosting the first edition in 2013.

But the tournament got postponed to 2017. It once again got cancelled in 2017 and finally, it was decided that the Test Championship will take off in 2019 after the World Cup in England and Wales.


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