Bigg Boss 13 Day 66: Paras & Sidharth Add Twist to Captaincy Task
A still from <i>Bigg Boss 13</i>.
A still from Bigg Boss 13.(Photo Courtesy: Colors)

Bigg Boss 13 Day 66: Paras & Sidharth Add Twist to Captaincy Task

The letter task has taken a toll on the contestants of Bigg Boss 13. While some became emotional reading the letters from their families, others were heartbroken seeing the letters being destroyed.  Vikas Gupta, Asim, Rashami, and Shefali did not let emotions get in the way of their captaincy.

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As another day dawns, the housemates wake up to ‘Kadke Gilasi Tere’. Fights over household chores continue as Shefali, Madhurima, Vishal and Arti get into a verbal spat. Everyone was shocked to see Vishal and Madhurima fight because they were starting afresh. While Vishal confessed to having a soft corner for Madhurima, the latter does not seem to be affected at all.

On the other hand, Paras and Sidharth are in for a surprise. Bigg Boss gives them the power to control the four kathputlis (puppets) - Asim, Shefali, Rashami and Vikas. They have to perform whatever is asked of them. Taking full advantage of the situation, Paras and Sidharth fight for their loved ones inside the house.

While Asim and Shefali are asked to get into a fight, Rashami disguises herself as a joker and is asked to spread happiness. She praises Mahira and Sana, who have earlier been hurt by Rashami’s actions and comments. Bigg Boss turns the game into a fun banter by adding more twists to the captaincy task. The Kathputli game will continue for another day.

It’s time to see who wins the captaincy task.

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