Review: Ep 1 Of Lisa Haydon’s ‘The Trip’ Leaves Us Wanting More
Manish Anand and Lisa Haydon in a still from <i>The Trip</i>. (Photo courtesy: Bindass)
Manish Anand and Lisa Haydon in a still from The Trip. (Photo courtesy: Bindass)

Review: Ep 1 Of Lisa Haydon’s ‘The Trip’ Leaves Us Wanting More

A coming-of-age story woven into a road trip? Nothing has been more fashionable - and successful - on screen since Dil Chahta Hai released way back in 2001. And we have been exploring the theme in our movies and now web series consistently. After TVF’s Tripling this year, Bindass has just launched their fiction web series The Trip featuring Lisa Haydon, Sapna Pabbi, Shweta Tripathi and Mallika Dua.

The Trip, directed by Lakshya Raj Anand, revolves around four girls - the hot, ambitious and aspiring musician Shonali (Haydon), budding journalist with her Delhi accent in place Nazia (Dua), the excited bride-to-be Ananya (Tripathi) and the yoga enthusiast Sanjana (Pabbi). The girls decide to go on a road trip to Thailand as part of the bachelorette party.

The Trip has all the makings of a watchable web series. But does it really make the cut? Watch the first episode here:

Indian web series as a genre has already surprised us with original, interesting and entertaining content and a handful of memorable characters. And this is exactly the first thing that strikes one about The Trip - that it’s already familiar fluff with (as of now) super sketchy characters. 
The girls have fun in Thailand. (Photo courtesy: Bindass)
The girls have fun in Thailand. (Photo courtesy: Bindass)

The story begins a little fuzzy on the logical side. Of the four, only Shonali and Nazia are seen even trying to have a career. But that doesn’t stop anyone from planning an international road trip. As the episode shuttles between the past and present showing the girls on the “career” front, one gets this uncomfortable feeling of watching a series of skits stitched together for effect. While Shweta’s character talks about her suitor, Lisa’s relationship with her boyfriend (played by Manish Anand) seems implausible from scene one. There’s nothing to indicate the girls’ social or financial backgrounds in the entire episode either.

And it leaves you wondering. Did a few beers with a stranger who she falls in love with is all that the clearly ambitious Shonali needed to pursue her musical dreams? Do Ananya or Sanjana have any interests apart from getting engaged and yoga? These are answers we really hope the following episodes throw light and weight on.

It’s Dua who has the strongest screen presence of the four ladies, her outspoken, comfortable-in-her shell character an extension of her internet avatar. As for the others, we would like to wait and watch how the characters develop beyond the scope of what the actors have performed several times on screen already - Lisa as a hot NRI, Sapna with her hint of cattiness, and Shweta as the quintessential sweet girl next door.

And isn’t there any way to make the branding(s) slightly more subtle?

We sure hope the first episode of The Trip is only a prelude to a much more memorable journey.

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