From Actors to the Viewers, Nobody Is Interested in ‘The Body’
Emraan Hashmi and Rishi Kapoor in a still from <i>The Body</i>.
Emraan Hashmi and Rishi Kapoor in a still from The Body.(Photo Courtesy: Pinterest)

From Actors to the Viewers, Nobody Is Interested in ‘The Body’

The Body, directed by Jeethu Joseph, doesn’t exactly qualify as a whodunit. Of course, there is an investigation around a missing body and what appears to be like just another heart attack soon has some sinister motives attached to it. However, the way the whole saga plays out it’s more of a “why do it” ? Why make a lazy film that unfolds in the most uninspiring fashion based on a 2012 Spanish film by the same name? Why do it at all?

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Nobody looks interested in what they are assigned to do in The Body. Ajay (Emraan Hashmi )is the prime suspect in the sudden death of his wife Maya (Sobhita Dhulipala). The investigating officer, played by Rishi Kapoor (who returns to the big screen after a long time), is trying to piece together the puzzle of the missing body from the morgue.

A still from <i>The Body</i>.
A still from The Body.
(Photo Courtesy: Pinterest)

A couple of hastily put together flashbacks reveal the rocky marriage between the couple. Then there is Ajay’s love interest, Vedhika Kumar, who has tears up and utters “Tum wahan se bhaag jao (Run from there)” so many times that yours truly has lost count.

In this story, where seeing an apparition keeps everyone on tenterhooks, the real horror unfolds thanks to the songs . There is one every few minutes that completely kills whatever little mood and tension the screenplay somehow manages to build .

It’s 2019 and Bollywood still has a song that goes like “Teri naa mein ek chupi hui si haan hai” ! Enough already!

As the proceedings limp towards an abrupt denouement one wonders at the complete waste of time and effort both on the part of the makers and the viewers . It’s the kind of film for which you just need to keep in mind the streaming platform so that when it makes its debut there in a couple of weeks you can catch glimpses of it when you have nothing to do in life.

Our rating: 1 quint out of 5!

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