‘Munna Michael’ Review: Despite Nawaz, This Tiger Cannot Be Saved

‘Munna Michael’ Review: Despite Nawaz, This Tiger Cannot Be Saved

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Film: Munna Michael
Director: Sabbir Khan
Cast: Tiger Shroff, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Nidhi Agarwal

Jackie Shroff's Munna needs a movie in his kitty! What should he do then? Well, Munna dances really well and is a pro at martial arts. In fact, Munna does martial arts almost like a Spartan dance sequence. So let us make Munna do both na? Dance and fight in Munna Michael. So that’s that!

Only problem – the film is stupid enough to not play to his strengths. There isn't enough dance for it to qualify even as a tribute to Michael Jackson. There are fights though because Munna says, "Munna ladai nahi karta, Munna peet ta hai.”


But the makers show an astonishing lack of belief in their own protagonist. So bulao credibility ke brand ambassador ko – Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He plays the Dilli suburb ka gunda, who has enough money to own a shady-looking five-star hotel!

Mahindar (Nawazuddin) takes one look at Munna dancing and asks him to tutor him – and we are as surprised as Munna. Now, Tiger Shroff dances like a dream. Even his worst critics won’t deny that. But there is something oddly satisfying in watching Nawazuddin throw his limbs around in complete abandon.

This actor can do anything! He makes the lamest of lines sound good, brings honesty to a character that is most shabbily written and ups our expectations even from a Tiger Shroff film! Sigh!

The status quo is maintained – this is another Heropanti. Yes, the scenes where Tiger and Nawazuddin shake a leg are genuinely fun to watch, but still ineffectual in the overall scheme of things. Munna wants to dance and he wants money for his father's illaaj. Director Sabbir Khan makes Tiger choose between these opposing themes arbitrarily while we are left to fend for ourselves.

All good things should come to an end, and when they don't they become Munna Michael. The female lead is Nidhi Agarwal who plays Dolly the only way she knows – by changing outfit after outfit with a singular expression. On the subject of chemistry, I like Nawaz and Tiger better together!

The film is only for those who have enjoyed every Tiger Shroff movie till now. Otherwise, stay away because this one offers nothing new. Someone, save the Tiger and till then save yourself from one!

1.5 Quints out of 5.

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