Save Your Money, ‘Tera Intezaar’ Is One of The Worst Films of 2017
‘Tera Intezaar’ doesn’t deserve your time.
‘Tera Intezaar’ doesn’t deserve your time.(Photo Courtesy: Bollywood Mirchi)

Save Your Money, ‘Tera Intezaar’ Is One of The Worst Films of 2017

Three men and a woman are stuck in a jungle when suddenly one of them says "ye aawaz jaani pehchani hai. Shayad sher ki hai. " to which the other one relies "Sher ki nahi, Babbar sher ki. " *facepalm*

Maybe it’s true after all.

We get punished for our bad karma in this life itself. This was my punishment –1hour 40 mins of tolerating god-awful acting, cringe-worthy dialogues and painful mediocrity.

We generally know what to expect from Sunny Leone films. Some raunchy dance moves, ample skin show, crowd-pleasing dialogues which now all seem like innocuous fun when compared to this mess of a film called Tera Intezaar. Sunny Leone has been cast to honeytrap unsuspecting viewers while director Raajeev Walia comes up with the most dimwitted and outrageous of ideas about flying fruits and killer painting canvases to leave us dumbstruck.

Arbaaz Khan plays a man who likes to paint and when one of his friends call him to ask him what he is up to, he casually replies "Mujhe mere dream girl ki aankhen samajh nahi aa rahi hai". He eventually paints a horrendous portrait of Sunny Leone. Sure enough, he meets this " dream girl" in the next scene . Miss Leone is a gallery owner for convenience and when he shows her the painting he made of her, she falls for him instantly.

Meanwhile, the four shady art dealers try to steal Veer's (Arbaaz khan) paintings and get themselves into trouble. Sometimes nearly drowning in the ocean or marooned in a jungle. Sudha Chandran is supposed to be the clairvoyant who utters banalities like "Jis tarah se saari cheezein mujhe clear nazar nahi aa rahi hain waise hi tum bhi mujhe clear nazar nahi aa rahi ho". (Much like I can’t see anything clearly, I also can’t see you clearly.)

With absolutely no redeeming feature, Tera Intezaar is beyond doubt one of the worst films of 2017. Beware! Quarter Quint out of 5.

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