‘A Gentleman’ Review: Some Mistaken Identities & the Usual Faff

‘A Gentleman’ Review: Some Mistaken Identities & the Usual Faff

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Cameraperson: Athar Rather

Video Editor: Puneet Bhatia

Producer: Vatsala Singh


Judging people on the basis of the films they make, director duo Raj and DK seem to be the low maintenance type. Clearly they aren't very demanding which is why they seem completely at ease about directing a 2 hour 13 min film where no one bothered to give them anything more than a single line brief – Make this s#*t look good!

So A Gentleman has a hardisk with classified information on which politician has the most kala dhan. The one who this hardisk doesn't think much of it, but others keep running around like headless chickens to get it. Meanwhile, we have no clue whom to side with because no one really cares to be on the right side of the law here waise bhi.

Why bother about logic and continuity and story and such elitist first world problems when Jaqueline looks super hot and Siddharth Malhotra sizzles in his many shirtless scenes. What else? Miami is cool right ? Toh bas most of the action should happen there!

How else can they show Jaqueline in a bikini, hun? And also the song sequences look better against the Miami beach line. Jaqueline giggles and dances and dumbs herself down considerably. Siddharth is the dude. He flashed some abs smiled a dimpled smile and it's done. But the commitment of the makers to keep up the pretense of having a story is touching.

So we keep revisiting the Colonel, which Sunil Shetty plays while sleep walking. The Colonel commands some beefed up thugs to kill people. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they don’t. In between, Darshan Kumar tries his best to breath fire and Hussain Dalal gives us some chuckle worthy scenes.

Some more classified information and country secrets are mumbled to make us feel that we haven’t been completely fooled. But guess what if you go in to watch A Gentleman for anything other than the usual faff you would be fooled. Therefore make an informed choice.

2 Quints out of 5.

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