Movie Review: Minions is a Must See For Kids

After appearing in the Despicable Me series, the single-celled yellow organisms have appeared in their own movie. 

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Those tiny, pill- shaped, yellow colored, lovable creatures wearing blue denims – the ones we totally fell in love with are back! And this time they have a film of their own. A spin-off to the Despicable Me series, Minions has just one goal – to make us all very happy. But does it succeed? Well that’s the ‘minion’ dollar question!

The film tells us about the cute little minions, how they have been present since the beginning of time and their inexplicable desire to serve the biggest and meanest boss around. The first 15 mins are fun when inadvertently they kill all their bosses – a dinosaur, Dracula even Pharaohs and Napoleon. Without a villain to serve the minions get into depression until the smartest of the lot Kevin decides to take charge. He along with Stuart and Bob take their search for a mean boss all the way to New York.

Now we know that the Minions love bananas, they talk gibberish and they are the most adorable little things around. So we are happy to follow them in their wild goose chase which takes them to the vamp Scarlet Overkill (Sandra bullock) and even stay patient through the fantastical plot in England where we meet the Queen herself, sometimes with and sometimes without her crown. Director Pierre Coffin has dubbed for all the 3 minions and truly it’s a delight but like the saying goes “too much of a good thing is bad too”. We loved the minions as a great side dish in the Despicable Me movies but it’s difficult to keep our spirits high throughout the 90 min journey here.

Even “banana” stops sounding as funny as it did after the first couple of times!

But make no mistake- the kids are going to love it. It’s visually appealing and super cute. The jibber jabber is incessant and infectious. But dear parents/ adults you will have to grin and bear it all. Minions is no Inside Out. Soulless and without any particular message – it’s just innocuous junk food entertainment. A must see for kids But for the rest of you - I’ll give it 2.5/5 QUINTS.

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