A Kashmiri Ode to Game of Thrones Featured in Official Fan Anthem
A Kashmiri tribute to GoT.
A Kashmiri tribute to GoT.(Photo courtesy: YouTube)

A Kashmiri Ode to Game of Thrones Featured in Official Fan Anthem

Game of Thrones would not become the phenomenon that it is, without the internet and the millions of fans that ardently discuss every possible theory about the show’s future. The internet also offers a space for fans to use their creativity to showcase their love for GoT.

So it was only fitting that HBO released its own Fan Anthem #ForTheThrone. Every tribute ever paid by fans, including one Kashmiri tribute, has been featured in the video.

The Cure, A Kashmiri tribute to Game of Thrones, features Sufiyan Malik, an 18-year-old artist from Srinagar who plays the traditional instrument Rabab.

The Kashmiri tribute shows one Jon Snow accompanied by his own Kashmiri Night’s Watch, and has some superb shots of snow-clad mountains, and the dead buried within them.

PS. Don’t miss the cameo by Tyrion and the Night King!

Take a look at the full Kashmiri tribute here:

Game of Thrones returns for its final season 14 April.

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