Jim Sarbh Reacts to Praises and Criticism in ‘Padmaavat’

Jim Sarbh Reacts to Praises and Criticism in ‘Padmaavat’

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According to critics and followers, Jim Sarbh, who played the role of Malik Kafur in the Sanjay Leela Bhansali magnum opus Padmaavat, has done justice to the role. His outstanding chemistry with Ranveer leaves you craving for more.

Although Malik Kafur and Ranveer Singh share few scenes together, Jim’s performance has largely been well received. His perfect Afghani accent and style of saying ‘Sultan’, apart from his expressions just add to his performance. The relationship between Khilji and Kafur has a sexual undertone, even though Bhansali has barely touched upon it.

Jim was in Las Vegas when he was informed about the role and had to send his audition sequence where he had to enact the role of a slave. He wanted the director of the film to see his reaction when his friend, who played Khilji in the audition sequence, sniffed and walked around him. In no time, he was picked for the role. Jim’s blind devotion to Khilji is impeccable.

Jim has been receiving tremendous amount of love from his fans for his performance in the movie. Here are some of the praises as well as criticism that has come his way.

Ranveer Singh has been singin praises for his co-actor, "One of the most fulfilling co-actor experiences. Jim is an absolute delight to work with. He is extremely talented. He has enhanced my performance, he enriched my performance". But Jim only had more compliments to give to Ranveer for his portrayal of Khilji.

Jim, though, chose to remain non-committal about the performances of his co-actors which weren’t lauded. "Romantic scenes of Jim Sarbh and Ranveer singh are better than those of Deepika and Shahid," Rajeev Masand had said.

Jim also found a number of fans after the release of Padmaavat. “After all the fuss, had to & did see Padmavat. Disappointed. Three hours of valor, mindless and without purpose, made it a bore. The glitz was nice but the law of diminishing returns set in quickly. The only saving graces were the acting of Ranveer Singh & Jim Sarbh, & the songs,” said Kaushik Basu, a Twitter user.

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Video Editor: Kammaljiit Kainth

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