‘Time out’ Review: The Unrealistically Realistic Life in a Metro

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Sarah Jane Dias and Tahir Raj Bhasin in <i>Time Out</i>.

Men are f***ed, and so is the realism of this show. Voot’s Time Out is about a 30-year-old man having a quarter-life crisis. What is a quarter-life crisis, you ask? Well, it is basically a mid-life crisis which comes a bit earlier in life.

We have Rahul (Tahir Raj Bhasin) and his wife, Radha (Sarah Jane Dias), who are trying to get pregnant. The action starts with Rahul having a breakdown after finding a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom. And, reinforcing most of the male stereotypes out there, Rahul doesn’t want a kid.

This is where some of the unrealistic parts creep in.


All That’s Unrealistic

1. The Setting

Firstly, what kind of a migrant comes to a city like Mumbai, gets a titanic loan, and buys a palatial home and car in the hub of the city? In a city where you have to share your room with three other people for 15k a month, this urban couple has a house that we, generational-dwellers of this city can only dream of, and the house is filled with Gibson guitars and a fancy drum-kit. And that isn’t even all! They buy toothbrush holders at an antique shop at Rs 700-per piece!! And a set of 6!!!

These are the same people who complain about being urban poor. Also, who keeps glassware in bathrooms? It’s one of the most hazardous things ever, especially if you’re planning to welcome a baby into the house.

2. The Acting

I have one name for you: Sarah Jane Dias.

Dias, while essaying the role of Radha, resonates every stereotype associated with women. Her acting is as fake as the smoke emanating from the burnt microwave in their house. And if they really wanted to showcase a couple in their house, having mental breakdowns, at least they could have made sure that her hair isn’t styled to perfection. Her best friend, with a lazy husband and twins, who have effectively killed their sex life, has more substance than Radha - one of the main characters.

Tahir Raj Bhasin and Sarah Jane Dias   in <i>Time Out</i>.
Tahir Raj Bhasin and Sarah Jane Dias in Time Out.
(Photo Courtesy: Voot)

All That’s Realistic

1. The set-up

This twosome is really worried about their EMIs, which makes sense because they’re probably paying crores each month for the huge house, filled with antiques and boutique ware, most likely curated by Gauri Khan herself. But the desperation to save every penny, and Rahul mentioning that he has to think twice before buying something as mundane as underwear strikes as real as possible.

2. The Acting

Tahir Raj Bhasin manages to strike a chord where his acting is concerned. He successfully manages to emote his frustrations, and delivers every monologue (of which there are many in the show) with perfection. As the main lead, his character grips you, even as he delivers zingy one liners that bear the utter truth, whether it is about his father’s extra-marital affair or his own.

Tahir Raj Bhasin manages to make up for what  Sarah Jane Dias lacks.
Tahir Raj Bhasin manages to make up for what Sarah Jane Dias lacks.
(Photo Courtesy: Voot)

The Twist

Oh, but what happens when it turns out that Radha isn’t actually pregnant? Don’t get your hopes up - it is just more unrealistic crap. In come two neighbours, who they have never met, and both are smoking hot. All of a sudden, Rahul and Radha are on the proverbial break . . . and Rahul sleeps with the hot lady neighbour. Seems familiar?

What happens further, I can only predict: Either they both go on a proper break and then get back together or they part ways forever. There really are no shades of grey with such shows. I do give it to Voot for coming up with Time Out. It does address issues like ‘urban poverty’, extra-marital affairs, unwilling parenthood, and more. What it doesn’t do however, is execute them with any reality.

Should you watch it? You can watch the episodes in one day, so, if you have a slow day at work, sure.


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