Nas Daily in India: On a ‘Fake’ Wedding and a Brush With the Law

What makes a Harvard grad throw away a comfy job and travel the world, making a one-minute video every day?

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Nuseir Yassin aka Nas Daily. (Photo Courtesy: <a href="">@nasdaily</a>/Facebook)<a href=""></a>

Nas Daily aka Nuseir Yassin, a vlogger, has amassed over two million followers on Facebook thanks to his penchant for making one-minute videos about his travels around the world and profiling interesting people he meets with along the way.

Nas, a Harvard graduate, quit his job as a software engineer to record his world travel experiences, which he shares with the folks on the world wide web – and they totally DIG it!

He has been in India for the past couple of weeks and has been documenting his journey across different cities like in Varanasi (where he almost got arrested for flying a drone), Mumbai, Gurgaon etc.

We bombarded Nas with some questions while he was in New Delhi. Here’s what he had to say!

You just had a fake Indian marriage. How was the experience?

I wanted to adopt the Indian culture and what’s better than getting married... holding a real fake wedding. We wanted to show the beauty of Indian weddings to the world.

What has the food experience been like?

I love beef and chicken, but like most people in India, I wanted to be like them. India is the easiest country to become vegetarian in. I haven’t eaten beef and chicken for the last 22 days.

How was your experience with the Aghoris? We saw that they wanted to eat you up!

From that conversation, I saw the extreme side of humanity. When I went to North Korea, I saw the other extreme. I am just speechless.

Why do you wear the same T-shirt every single day?

I am 25. If a man lives for an average of 76 years, then I’ve spent 32-33 percent of my life already. This is a constant reminder that time is valuable and we have to use it wisely.

Would you call yourself a journalist?

Calling myself a journalist puts me in a category and I don’t want that. I’m not a journalist, I’m not a vlogger, not a drone-maker, not an Arab or an Israeli. Right now, I’m trying to be an Indian.

What do you hate about India and want to see changed?

I don’t like that on the roads, I mostly see men. It’s a male-dominated society. Men control the country and that is a problem. We suck. Men fight each other. Women should rule the world.

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