Watch: All I’m Known For Is ‘Tough Titties’, Says Ma Anand Sheela
Ma Anand Sheela will be featuring in a Netflix documentary. 
Ma Anand Sheela will be featuring in a Netflix documentary. (Photo Courtesy: Netflix)

Watch: All I’m Known For Is ‘Tough Titties’, Says Ma Anand Sheela

The powerful teaser of the Netflix documentary based on Ma Anand Sheela’s life is out and it gives a preview of the compelling story of her life. She is the former personal assistant of Bhagwan Rajneesh or Osho, and will be the subject of the documentary being produced by Karan Johar’s Dharmatic.

The 39-second teaser shows the enigmatic Ma Anand Sheela saying, “How many women do you know who have built an entire city? And yet all I’m known for is “tough titties.” The teaser then moves on to show a montage of her getting ready for the shoot, and also interacting with Karan Johar.

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Apart from giving a personalized insight into the controversial figure’s life, the documentary will also be featuring candid conversation between Ma Anand Sheela and Karan Johar. Shakun Batra is the showrunner for the documentary and said, “Some believe she’s the epitome of feminism, a pop icon, and others view her as the criminal mastermind behind one of America’s biggest scandals.”

“The documentary will attempt to peel the layers of her personality to unveil the real Ma Anand Sheela and show the world an inside glimpse of a woman whose antics and statements cause a stir wherever she goes.”
Shakun Batra, Showrunner

Ma Anand Sheela’s life is full of controversies. She had spent over three years in the US prisons in the 1980s over charges of assault. During her conversation with Karan Johar, when questioned about Osho accusing her of arson, wiretapping, attempted murder and mass poisonings, she said that she was shocked. “Whatever he said made me sad but it was his problem and not mine. However, I can’t forget my love for him and I am eternally grateful for that,” she added.

When Karan pressed about their relationship, Sheela quickly added that it wasn’t physical. “There was no sex with Osho. Our relationship was not sexual. The integrity mattered because I was already drowning in him...” she said.

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