AIB’s ‘An Ode to Karni Sena’ Is Disturbingly Accurate
Tragedy <i>main</i> comedy <i>hai</i>.&nbsp;
Tragedy main comedy hai(Photo Courtesy: Youtube Screenshot)

AIB’s ‘An Ode to Karni Sena’ Is Disturbingly Accurate

Leave it to the comedy outfit, AIB, to call out the Kari Sena on the horrific incident where miscreants vandalised and attacked a private school bus full of children. In a short and sweet video, AIB called out the hooligans responsible for the violence that was unleashed as a form of protest against the film Padmaavat. Watch AIB’s An Ode To Karni Sena here:

Even though the video is just a bunch of kids singing a song to the tune of the popular nursery rhyme ‘The Wheels of the Bus go round and round,’ the lyrics hit hard. The glee in their voices makes it even more ironic. Slamming the hooliganism of Indian politics, AIB’s An Ode To Karni Sena holds a black mirror to our society.

Lines like Nikaal Lo Saari Bhadaas Humpe...Akhir Hum To Hain Bachhe...Vote Nahi Kar Sakte and Todoge Haddiyan Hum Bacchon Ki, News Banegi Tabhi resonate. Even the comment on how people only take notice when ‘urban’ kids are targeted makes a searing impact. The end of the video is like a sucker punch as it ultimately reflects the silence of the party in power.

Akhir kar, jaisi Karni - waisi burni.

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