Film Review: Akshay Pilots Airlift to Rousing Doses of Patriotism
Airlift Poster. (Photo courtesy: Facebook/<a href="">Airlift</a>)
Airlift Poster. (Photo courtesy: Facebook/Airlift)

Film Review: Akshay Pilots Airlift to Rousing Doses of Patriotism

Airlift proves that every time Akshay Kumar does a film with something called a script in it, he is brilliant! We are sucked into war-ravaged Kuwait of 1990 with aplomb.

Inspired by real life events Airlift is based on the massive evacuation of nearly 1,70,000 Indians stranded in Kuwait when the Saddam Hussain regime wreaked havoc. Piloted by Akshay, who puts up a stunning performance, it is an extremely well-crafted and intelligently made film.

Akshay plays a shrewd businessman Ranjit Katyal whose world turns upside down as Iraqi tanks roll into the city with murders and loots everywhere. Having been pushed to a frightening brink the resultant tension, panic, frantic phone calls–all help in making a very buoyant and delectably engaging first half.

Director Raja Krishna Menon’s full blooded commitment to telling the story sans drama and exaggeration reaps fruits. Post interval however is a different matter.

A still from <i>Airlift. </i>(Photo: YouTube Screengrab)
A still from Airlift. (Photo: YouTube Screengrab)

The tension dips and the gaping holes in what ideally should have been an evocatively poised nail-biting climax, are filled with generous doses of patriotic fervor.

Wish there was more meat to bite into right at the end! Sadly, the actually evacuation and “airlift” is something we were hardly allowed to experience.

But still bristling with top notch performances by Nimrat Kaur, Kumud Mishra, Prakash Belawadi and Purab Kohli who add texture and class to it and thus make Airlift goddamned hard to tear oneself away from!

A must watch with 3.5 QUINTS OUT OF 5, I say!

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