‘Kabali’ Cover Tunes Anyone? We’ve Got You Covered!
You’ll love these cover versions of Rajinikanth’s <i>Kabali</i>. (Photo courtesy: Twitter/@rajinifanC)
You’ll love these cover versions of Rajinikanth’s Kabali. (Photo courtesy: Twitter/@rajinifanC)

‘Kabali’ Cover Tunes Anyone? We’ve Got You Covered!

Just hours to go before Kabali’s release. The anticipation in the air is palpable. The fire-crackers and milk packets are at the ready. Wondering how to stay revved up, with your mind on Kabali, despite work, life and everything else? We’ve got you covered. Actually, we’ve got Kabali covered. Here are a couple of awesome covers by indie artists, of Kabali’s OST, ranging from awesome, to bizarre. Enjoy!

Lady Kash - Neruppu Da

Lady Kash is a rapper/song writer from Singapore, who’s worked with A R Rahman, Anirudh, Yo Yo Honey Singh and other top composers. (I sincerely apologise for the line above. I shouldn’t have mentioned Yo Yo and Rahman and top composers in the same breath). Here’s her cover of Neruppu Da. Statutory warning: She’s not a dancer. But she will dance.

Anil Srinivasan - Journey to Kabali

Sometimes, the journey’s as melodic as the destination. Ace pianist Anil Srinivasan belts out a series of Rajini hit songs, that culminate into Kabali’s Mayanadhi song.

Maria Dasa - Maya Nadhi

Okay, this is a little bit of electronica bizarreness. Everything about the video is normal, and yet a little eerie. Especially the male singer. The sounds though are kind of addictive. Enjoy, I think.

Ulagam Oruvanukka- Deepesh

This one’s a pure fan-love video. It’s got singers looking up lyrics on their iPhones and random cuts. But the energy’s positive, fun and quite nice!

Veera Thunrandhara - Freestyle Dance by Saran

Do you remember that irresistible urge to suddenly dance to a tune stuck in your head in the middle of the road? This video looks like someone just shot that itch and posted it on YouTube.

If you’ve got better covers, send ‘em over.

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