'Tenet' Behind-the-scenes Video Shows Making of an Epic Thriller

Christopher Nolan's newest film of epic proportions has released in 70 countries till now.

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Christopher Nolan brings the spy espionage genre back to life.

Warner Brothers have released a behind-the-scenes video clip for Christopher Nolan’s new spy thriller Tenet. The video features cast interviews and shows what went into making this ambitious project a reality.

“Our method of visual effects is to try and do everything without them,”, said the production designer, talking about Nolan’s vision for the film. Over the years, the director has built a reputation for his practical approach to filmmaking. He likes to shoot on location or on original sets rather than using a green screen.

Talking about his philosophy, Nolan says, “I think the audience is always aware on some level, of the difference between things that are animated and something that’s been photographed.”

For his latest, however, the acclaimed British-American director has certainly outdone himself. Flipping a truck upside down (The Dark Knight) is one thing. Blowing up a Boeing 747 by crashing it into a building, on the other hand, is Nolan bringing to life something quite unimaginable.

The film is a spy espionage thriller which deals with time travel through the theory of ‘inversion’. The action sequences were demanding but John David Washington (of BlackKklansman fame), who plays the role of ‘The Protagonist’, rose to the occasion. He was once a college football player and this past experience with sports helped him complete the physically demanding scenes.

Christopher Nolan on the sets of Nolan.
Christopher Nolan on the sets of Nolan.
(Photo Courtesy: YouTube screengrab)

The cast, in their respective interviews, spoke about his involvement in the shooting of the film, which was above and beyond any of the actors or crew. Any cinema-goer can tell that he is dedicated to bring an authentic ‘cinema experience’ to the audience.

Tenet also stars Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debickie, Clemence Poesy, Himesh Patel, Dimple Kapadia, Michael Caine and Kenneth Branagh. The film was shot in seven countries, namely, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Norway, the UK, the US and India, where the shoot took place in Mumbai.

The film has seen theatre releases in several countries but there is no information about an Indian release yet.

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