Well-Read, Gentle: Topshe Pays Tribute to Feluda, Soumitra Kaku

Siddhartha Chatterjee, who played Topshe alongside Soumitra Chatterjee in Feluda, speaks about the veteran actor.

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"Simple, well read, enlightened, gentle are some of the qualities normally not associated with stardom. But Soumitra kaku was an exception". Actor Siddhartha Chatterjee, who played the role of Topshe alongside late Soumitra Chatterjee in the Feluda series, shares his memories about the legendary actor with The Quint.

Chatterjee says he became close to Soumitrada during the shooting of Sonar Kella. "I became close to him during the shoot of Sonar Kella and started behaving with him in the way any young boy would interact with his near and dear one. That was the power Soumitra kaku would have on co-actors, unit members and on any stranger. No arrogance, no tantrums and no starry airs around him. A simple man with the power to win over hearts. A perfect Bengali bhadralok with immense knowledge, culturally enlightened and a workaholic. I adapted the perfect sense of discipline he had though I must admit I failed so many times".

He also speaks about Soumitra Chatterjee's strong beliefs, be it acting, sports or any other field.

Watch the video for more.

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