15 Times Shah Rukh Khan Was the ‘King of Wit’
Shah Rukh Khan poses in his signature fashion.
Shah Rukh Khan poses in his signature fashion.(Photo Courtesy: Instagram)

15 Times Shah Rukh Khan Was the ‘King of Wit’

Shah Rukh Khan, the Badshah of Bollywood, turns a year older on 2 November. Over the years, what we’ve come to love about him the most, apart from his romantic style of acting, is his wit and humour.

SRK occasionally engages with fans via the #AskSRK hashtag on Twitter. His witty responses never fail to entertain us and are often dripping in sarcasm. Check out some of the times when King Khan was at his humorous best!

1. When SRK Refused to Divulge His Flirting Tips

2. When He Was Coy About His Unique Style (Spelling Be Damned!)

3. Always Consult SRK Before Making Travel Plans—Duh!

4. He’s Nothing, If Not Cheeky

5. Guess We Know What Not to Ask King Khan!

6. He’s the Badshah of Sass Too

7. Shah Rukh Clearly Doesn’t Take Orders

8. We Wonder What Aryan and AbRam Think...

9. His Fans Always Come First

10. We Hope Gauri Hasn’t Seen This One!

11. The King of Romance to the Rescue!

12. Honestly, He’d Probably Be Able to Pull This One Off

13. This Is How You Dodge Dodgy Questions

14. Making Way for the Next Generation

15. SRK for President?

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