I Suggested She Grows a Spine: Kangana Responds to Alia
Alia Bhatt says she’ll personally apologise to Kangana Ranaut.
Alia Bhatt says she’ll personally apologise to Kangana Ranaut.

I Suggested She Grows a Spine: Kangana Responds to Alia

Alia Bhatt has reportedly said that she will apologise to Kangana Ranaut personally if she feels upset after Kangana recently accused actors such as herself and Aamir Khan of not supporting her during the release of her film Manikarnika.

Kangana, however, seems to be in no mood for an apology and lashed back at Alia.

The actor told Pinkvilla, “I reached out to Alia and asked her what makes her think Manikarnika is my personal controversy, it’s a film whole nation is talking about and wondering why Bollywood is keeping quiet on such a relevant work. I asked her if I can be courteous and gracious to acknowledge her requests for encouraging relevant work that she does, why is she so scared to see my film. I suggested that she grows some spine.” 
She added, “If she doesn’t have a voice of her own and her existence is all about being KJo’s puppet then I don’t consider her successful. I told her if she is only focusing on earning bucks and not raise a voice, then her success has no value. Hope she understands the true meaning of success and her responsibilities. Nepo gang life is simply restricted to give and take favours. Hope she rises above that.”

In a recent interview, Kangana specifically named Aamir and Alia saying that while she had showed up for the screenings of Dangal, Secret Superstar and Raazi to show her support to them, they however did not come out to cheer the actor on for her directorial debut Manikarnika.

Speaking to the press, Alia Bhatt responded to Kangana’s comments by stating, “I hope she doesn’t dislike me and I don’t think she dislikes me. I don’t think I have done anything intentionally to upset her. If I have, I will apologise to her on a personal level.”

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Alia Bhatt spoke to the media while promoting her upcoming film Gully Boy with Ranveer Singh. The actor also said that she has always admired Kangana as an actor and as a person. “But I have always said that I have admired her a lot as an actor and a person. She is very outspoken and it takes courage to be that way. I wasn’t aware of this problem or anything, I was busy with the shooting. So yes, what can I say, I don’t want to upset anybody.”

Besides accusing Aamir and Alia of not supporting her ambitious historical film Manikarnika, Kangana Ranaut also said that the film industry had ganged up against her for her comments on nepotism on Karan Johar’s talk show Koffee With Karan. Kangana also stressed that she wasn’t afraid of the industry. The Queen actor can be heard saying “One thing is for sure, I’m not going to spare anyone. Main inki waat laga dungi, ek ek ko expose karungi,” on video at an event while interacting with the media.

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