‘Julie 2’ Teaser: Nihalani Backs the Bold, Twitter Loves the Irony
Pahlaj Nihalani backs <i>Julie 2.</i>
Pahlaj Nihalani backs Julie 2.(Photo courtesy: Twitter; YouTube)

‘Julie 2’ Teaser: Nihalani Backs the Bold, Twitter Loves the Irony

Well, surprise surprise! The oh-so-sanskari Pahlaj Nihalani, who as the former CBFC chief was busy trimming kissing and sex scenes in Bollywood and Hollywood films, is now presenting a cheesy, semi-skin flick titled Julie 2. Nihalani has come on board as the film’s distributor and will be presenting the Deepak Shivdasani film starring Raai Laxmi.

Take a look at the film’s teaser trailer:

The first Julie starring Neha Dhupia, which released in 2004 had its share of nudity and sex scenes. However, this time round Nihalani seems to be peddling the sequel of the film under the garb of giving out a “message” to strugglers in Mumbai who get “exploited”. In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, Nihalani says that Julie 2 is a “good expose with a message for aspiring actors” who are “forced to compromise”. Tweeples of course can’t get enough of the irony and Mr Nihalani’s double standards.

Nihalani, who was sacked from the post of CBFC chief, also recommends that Julie 2 be certified as an adult film, but with no cuts, as there is no vulgarity or obscenity in it. LOL!

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