Himesh Returns In a Double Role and the Longest Teaser Ever
A poster for <i>Happy Hardy and Heer</i>.
A poster for Happy Hardy and Heer.(Photo Courtesy: Twitter)

Himesh Returns In a Double Role and the Longest Teaser Ever

Himesh Reshammiya is back as an actor and playing a double role in the upcoming romantic comedy Happy Hardy and Heer. The makers of the film released the first teaser for the film on Tuesday 16 July.

Himesh plays the dual roles of Harpreet Singh Lamba a.k.a. Happy, who travels to Europe from Punjab with his lady love Heer, and Harshvardhan Bhatt a.k.a Hardy, a rich Gujarati businessman who completes the love triangle.

Watch the teaser below.


The first thing you’ll notice about this teaser is that it’s 3 minutes long. Yup, that’s right. I can’t blame you if you thought this was a short recap of the entire film. At a time when 3 minute trailers are criticised for being too long and giving away the entire plot, it’s brave for a teaser to attempt exactly that.

Then, the teaser calls the film, “The Biggest Musical of the Year.” Well, that remains to be seen.

The plot of the film looks like a typical love triangle, with a simple small town guy and a flashy rich dude vying for the same girl. But Happy Hardy and Heer adds the surreal ‘Himesh’ touch of having both the men played by the same actor. And nobody in the teaser, not even Heer played by Sonia Mann remarks on the fact that these two men look exactly alike.

Rich Himesh high fives models in bikinis while poor Himesh brings back the Sardar stereotype we hoped Bollywood didn’t do anymore. The whole thing ends with the threatening words, “Official trailer coming in August.” Can’t Wait!

Happy, Hardy and Heer has story and music by Himesh Reshammiya. It is directed by choreographer-turned-director Raka. The film will release in cinemas this September.

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