Bigg Boss Day 38: Mandana Karimi Bids Inmates a Teary Goodbye 

Mandana’s mid week eviction will leave you in shock. Guess who’s responsible for this. 

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Mandana can’t stop crying as she hugs Aman Verma before leaving the house

Wait, what? Mandana gets kicked out? Seriously? OMG!

Mandana’s Last Day

Day 38 is turning out to be outrageously gloomy in the Bigg Boss house. Believe it or not, Mandana Karimi gets evicted. Yes, you read that right. The one person who was single handedly responsible for the maximum amount of drama, controversies, arguments and some over-the-top tantrums, just got kicked out of the game. While all we’ve seen so far is pure hatred for her, both inside and outside the house, her farewell is full of tears and loud sobs. It’s not just Mandana who’s howling but all the inmates get super emotional too. How much of this is fake one really can’t say, but what the hell, I still can’t believe this is happening.

Who’s the Ultimate Mandana Hater?

You would never guess who played the smart move of pushing Mandana out of the house. It was the most innocent looking Sanchalak of the Shararati Bachche task, Rimi Sen! It was Rimi who decided that the worst performer of the task was the fussy Mandana. And just like that, without much of a thought, she let the cat out of the bag and got Mandana evicted with her declaration to Bigg Boss.

Was this some kind of revenge, or an honest conclusion based on fair observations made during the task? Only Rimi Sen can answer that one. But all I have to say is, with Mandana out, Rimi better pull up her socks and supply the same level of entertainment. All she’s been so far is a boring bystander.

Good Riddance From Sar Ka Dard

No points for guessing who the happiest person in the house is right now. Kishwer of course! She makes a rather unabashed confession to the cameras in the house by sharing how thrilled she is now that Mandana has become beghar. In true Kishwer style she also said that even though Mandana was never good competition, she sure was sar ka dard. That’s Kishwer for you.

I don’t know about you but this mid-week eviction has left me in shock and has stirred up quite the storm inside the house. I’m still wondering if Mandana really was the worst performer in the task? What do you think? Or do you think she faced the wrath of the game for no reason? That’s almost like asking yourself if you love this game or HATE it. Ab aage kya??

I have a sneaky feeling that Bigg Boss is not done with Mandana. I hope they bring her back as a wild card entry. But whatever their strategy is, it sure is making me lose my mind.

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