Bigg Boss Day 34: Salman Scolds Prince On Children’s Day Special

Salman gives Prince an earful about being aggressive around women and his dim future on this children’s day episode

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Salman Khan gives Prince a piece of his mind (Photo: Twitter/@BiggBoss)

Even Prem Ratan Dhan Payo star Salman Khan is saying “Prem ki family ko chhodo, Bigg Boss ki family ko dekho”. With that opening he wishes the inmates a happy children’s day and moves on to a rather grilling episode of Biss Boss Nau.

So this one is a courtroom drama and basically there’s nothing but chaos during the whole one hour. After Mandana and Rochelle come out on top as the most fake contestants in the house, Rimi and Digangana are declared the most un-fake players in the Fake-O-Meter task. Suddenly after Keith’s departure, Mandana and Rochelle have become best friends. Waah!

Courtroom Drama

Salman called Mandana to defend herself against charges levied by Kishwer and team. This is one major face off. All bickering and not much more. Kishwer is stuck on the ponit of being kicked by Mandana during a task. Even though Mandana defends herself quite well, Kishwer holds her ground. Too much argument, too much aggression and a non stop blame game is what this courtroom was all about. Rishabh defends Mandana while Salman tries to understand all sides of the story. Rochelle takes on Prince and Suyyash saying that they’re too aggressive with girls during tasks. She even says that if they want to feel like men, they should attack men and not girls. Now that’s just sexist Rochelle. And lame of course. But in Rochelle’s opinion, Prince & Suyyash can’t digest the fact that a girl is the strongest contender. And that too Mandana!

Salman agrees and calls them bullies. He goes all sexist too when he tells Prince that touching a girl’s suitcase is out of bounds.

Overall, this episode is just a bickering fest.

Rochelle Keeps Butting In

Salman gives the viewers and inmates a hint that Keith will return to the Bigg Boss house. He playfully suggests that Keith might even bring back a girl with him. Hain? What does that mean? Anyhow, I’m only too happy to hear Rimi Sen talk. She’s diplomatic, but vocal nevertheless.

But what’s with Rochelle and her annoying high pitched interruptions? Aman joins in with his own sexist remark about the need for Prince and Suyyash to control their aggression in front of the ladies. What the hell? Why is this whole game becoming so damn sexist? Why can’t it be played by all as equals?

Salman Gets Upset With Prince

Salman bhai gets upset about aggression around women and wasting food in a food fight. He gives Prince quite an earful about it. But why have such a task where atta and other edibles are being wasted, if you’re so concerned about people dying of hunger in the country Salman? Today, even you make no sense. Then bhai goes ahead and actually warns Prince that if he doesn’t up his game, he’s going to be stuck with stupid reality shows all his life. Ha, the irony!

I wonder if there’s anything left in the Bigg Boss house that has not been turned into a personal motive against another contestant. Where’s the spirit of the game guys? Salman confirms Rochelle’s safety and announces ex-contestant Gautam Gulati’s entry into the house. But the important question is who will get evicted this weekend? Watch episode 35, or spare yourself the agony and watch this space for all the updates.

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