Bigg Boss 17, Day 19 Written Episode: Mannara and Khanzaadi Fight Today; Details

Bigg Boss 17, Day 19 Written Detail for 2 November 2023: Know what happened in the Bigg Boss House on Thursday.

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Bigg Boss 17, Day 19 episode aired on Thursday, 2 November 2023, started with the contestants waking up. On one side, Makaan No 2 contestants, including Ankita, Vicky, Neil, Aishwarya, Isha, and Abhishek are having a conversation about duties. Neil says to Vicky that he should not copy the game of the previous contestants of the show. On the other hand, Samarth, Arun, and Sunny are talking about Manasvi's cooking skills.

Samarth says that Manasvi cannot cook. Soon, Bigg Boss announces that the kitchen is open and Ankita runs to cook. Ankita, Vicky, Abhishek, and a few other contestants are in the kitchen. Ankita asks Abhishek to do some work before eating but he does not listen. Ankita complains to Vicky about this and he asks her to act like a leader. She leaves the kitchen area.


Later, Ankita tries to explain to Vicky her point and he gets it. As the episode proceeds, Munawar and Abhishek help Vicky and Sana become friends again. Sana says that she can forgive him but she will not forget. When Ankita and Munawar are talking, she says that it is sad her team members are fighting with each other.

Neil does not reply to Ankita in the room but informs Aishwarya outside. Aishwarya is upset with Neil because he does not voice out his opinions. When Anurag is explaining to Jigna about the game, Bigg Boss interrupts and asks him what is he talking about. Then, he says that he has understood the game.

In the room, Sunny and Arun are talking. The latter tells that it is Bigg Boss's anniversary today and something big might come up. Both wish Bigg Boss and continue their conversation.

While having lunch, Munawar asks Jigna what will be cooked for lunch. Jigna says that he is talking like his son. He also asks about dinner while having lunch. Bigg Boss asks Munawar what he wants for dinner. Munawar says that there is so much ration that he cannot decide. Khanzaadi says that she is eating so much that her stomach hurts.

Bigg Boss asks Khanzaadi if she likes the food. She says that she is suffering from indigestion. She can neither digest the food nor the truth. She also adds that she has come alone in the game and has to fight for herself. This statement upsets Rinku.

Rinku says that Khanzaadi should not say nobody takes her side because she always supported her. They get into an argument. Later, Mannara seems upset with Khanzaadi. She gets emotional and starts fighting with her. All the other contestants try to console Mannara. When Samarth asks for a tissue, Isha does not give him because she thinks he wants it for Mannara.

Isha and Samarth get into an argument and the latter gets aggressive. When Samarth complains to Vicky, he tells him to solve the problem with her in the room. Isha says that if Samarth continues with this behaviour she will break up with him. Samarth cries alone and Abhishek tries to console him.

After some time Bigg Boss plays a game with the contestants. The game is sponsored by Glance Smart Lock Screen and has three rounds. The first round is push-ups and contestants have to take the name of the contestants they hate. The second round is throwing balls in the bucket and the third round is breaking news. A few contestants are selected for each round.

The judge for the first round is Munawar, the second-round judge is Ankita, and the third judge is Rinku. The winner for the first round is Neil, Aishwarya and Rinku win the second round, and Sana wins the third round.


Later, we see Abhishek and Samarth have a conversation about Isha. Abhishek talks about his problems with Isha and when they broke up. Samarth says that Isha lies a lot. Abhishek asks what quality she has and says that two boys are going mad behind her.

The next day, Samarth confronts Isha and asks her about her relationship with Abhishek. She tells him not to bring up her past but he does not listen. After some time, Bigg Boss announces that something special is in store for the married couples in the house because of Karwa Chauth. They go to the store room and collect their Lotus Herbals hamper.

Later, Jigna and Munawar take a walk in the garden. The former tells about her past relationship to Munawar and how she still loves him but he does not deserve it. While talking about her relationship, she starts crying.

Ankita and Vicky and Neil and Aishwarya celebrate Karwa Chauth. They take the hampers given by Bigg Boss to celebrate the event and everyone else is a part of the celebrations.

Towards the end of the episode, Arun and Sunny try to instigate Manasvi against Anurag. They tell her that he has been bringing up questions about her connection with Uttarakhand. They also tell her to fight with him about this but she says that she will bring up the topic at the right time.

The episode for today, Thursday, ends with Arun and Sunny saying that Manasvi is stupid. She is never able to speak at the right time and take a stand for herself. Stay tuned to know more about the drama inside the Bigg Boss House daily.

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