Bigg Boss 16, 21 Jan Ep 113 Written Update: Shanivaar Ka Vaar With Salman Khan

Here's the full written update of Bigg Boss 16, 21 January 2023 Shanivaar Ka Vaar Day 113.

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Bigg Boss 16, 21 January 2023 Episode 113 Shanivaar Ka Vaar With Salman Khan: The episode started with a task in which housemates were supposed to say who has set a false narrative in the house.

Archana took Tina's name and said Tina rumoured false things about Soundarya. Shalin named Tina. Priyanka and Tina took Shalin's name. Shiv also took Shalin's name. Nimrit took Priyanka's name and said that she targets me personally.

Sumbul said Tina set false narrative about me and Shalin's relationship. MC Stan also said that Shalin spreads rumors and sets false narratives in the house.

Soundarya named Tina and Shalin. She said Tina instigated me against Priyanka and Archana and Shalin spoiled my image by saying wrong things about me.


At the end of the task, Tina and Shalin were chosen by housemates as the two contestants who set false narrative in the house. Salman Khan entered the house and greeted all the contestants. He told MC Stan to get something from the store room. MC Stan saw a gift box and gave that to Archana and it was a red rose. Salman told Archana that it is for you and I wish lots of guys give red roses to you and all of them should be MPs.

Salman Khan cleared to Nimrit about Archana and Nimrit's father's conversation. Salman said yes Nimrit's father said so and Archana was not lying.

Salman Khan told Shalin and Tina to say whatever they want to say about each other. Shalin said I just said I don't like Tina's laugh and her changed behavior.


Nimrit, Shiv, and others intervened and revealed lots of things that Shalin said about Tina. Salman asked Shalin why did he say that Tina leaves one guy and catches other. Shalin said that Tina started hanging up with Shiv immediately after you pointed out that our relationship is fake. Salman said that there is nothing between Shiv and Tina.

Salman asked Tina you told to Priyanka that Shalin approached me before the game and planned Bigg Boss game. Shalin denied and said that me and Tina have a common manager and my purpose of talking to Tina before the show was professional.


Salman confronted Shalin and Tina about saying bad things about Soundarya. Both were seen blaming each other. Salman advised Soundarya that she should take a stand for her dignity.

Salman told Tina that as per her statements she knew that Shalin has been planning everything from quite a long time. He said was she also a part of Shalin's plan. Tina said no I didn't know anything before.

Tina broke down in front of Salman Khan and said that Shalin is blaming me for everything. Salman Khan told Shalin that he knows a lot of things about him and his ex-wife but he doesn't want to reveal that, otherwise he will be screwed.

Salman Khan told Priyanka that Tina is using you. Tina lost her control and started crying inconsolably. She cried a lot and said that she wants to leave the house.


Salman Khan told Shalin that he is a bad sport. Tina said that she is being blamed for everything. Tina said that she will not even talk to Priyanka now because people think that I am using her now.

Priyanka advised both Shalin and Priyanka to stop talking to each other. Tina went to her room and cried inconsolably. Priyanka went to her and consoled her. Tina said that I have been torn into pieces and now I want to take a voluntary exit.

Shiv confronted Shalin and said that your manager called almost every contestant in the house. Shalin denied and Shiv told him that he is a liar. Shalin came for talking to Tina but Priyanka didn't allow her to talk.


Shalin was seen hovering over Tina and insisting to talk. Priyanka scolded him and told that this is not the right time because Tina is right now not in a good frame of mind.

Shalin told Shiv that Priyanka is not allowing me to talk to Tina. He said that I want to clear my things with Tina. Shiv advised him that right now he should not talk to Tina because it would look fake. Tina was seen pleading to Bigg Boss to accept her voluntary exit.

Salman Khan welcomed Sajid Khan on the stage. He asked Sajid about his experience in Bigg Boss. Sajid said that my life changed a lot. Salman asked who he missed the most in the Bigg Boss. Sajid replied Abdu. Salman Khan announced the entry of Abdu on the stage.


Salman asked Abdu that who is the one person in the house that he doesn't like. Abdu said in actions that it is Shalin. Salman asked the same question to Sajid. He said he liked Shiv and Stan and he disliked Archana and Shalin.

Salman asked Sajid who would he like to take as main lead in a comedy movie. Sajid named Stan as male lead, Soundarya as female lead, Tina as villain, and Shalin as Villain's side kick. He named Archana as comic actor, Shiv as supporting actor, Nimrit, Sumbul, and Priyanka in extras.


Salman asked Sajid it is surprising that he kept Priyanka in extras. Sajid kept Priyanka in the main lead, and Soundarya in extras. Salman asked Sajid that who deserves to win Bigg Boss and he named Shiv and Stan.

Sajid asked Salman to participate in their long son and short son show. Sajid asked Salman who do you want to cast in his movie. Salman named Priyanka, Sajid, and Abdu.

Sajid asked Salman if he would get an opportunity to participate in Bigg Boss what will he do. He said I will do all the cleaning duties. Sajid asked Salman to name contestants with names of movies. He called Shalin Tubelight, Priyanka as Jai Ho, Shiv as Partner, MC Stan as Sultan, Abdu as Tumko Na Bhool Paiyenge, and Sajid as Hello Brother.


Salman Khan told Sajid and Abdu that if they hadn't to leave BB house because of their work commitments, it was sure that they would have been the finalists. Salman Khan showed some cute moments of Sajid and Abdu in the house.

Salman called Abdu and Sajid as blockbuster Jodi and gifted them a Hunk chocolate hamper. He welcomed astrologer Saurish Sharma on the Bigg Boss stage.

Saurish Sharma told Shiv and Priyanka has a great future ahead. Saurish said that during Sultan movie he tried to meet Salman in a party in Punjab but could not. Saurish said that he is lucky to meet Salman.

Salman announced the entry of Ekta Kapoor and director Dibakar Banerjee on the Bigg Boss stage. Salman asked Ekta why she looks happy and she replied that she is here for a cast for her new movie.

The episode ended there.

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