Akshay Kumar speaks from the heart about the Bangalore molestation case. (Photo courtesy: Rustom, Zee Studio)
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I’m Ashamed, How Can Society Justify Molestation? : Akshay Kumar 

Akshay Kumar shared his anger about the Bangalore molestation case on social media with a strong, straight-from-the heart message. In his ‘direct’ video he says that his blood boiled to see women being molested on the street in the presence of police personnel, for no fault of theirs.

Akshay’s message to all the girls out there is that they should not take any advice or gyan from others about how they should dress or at what time they should leave or return home. In fact he advises them to learn martial arts and teach men and society a lesson, one they’ll remember.

I’m a girl’s father, and even if I wasn’t I would’ve said this- a society that can’t respect its women has no right to call itself ‘civilised’. The most shameful thing is that a few people have the audacity to justify the harassment of a woman walking on the road. Why was a girl wearing short clothes? Why was she out on the street late at night? Have some shame. The clothes on a girl’s body are not small, but your mentality is. I pray to god that what happened in Bangalore never happens to your sister or mother. The shameless people who did this are not from some other planet, they’re right here. 
Akshay Kumar, Actor

Akshay’s heartfelt and strong message in support of women also strongly criticises Abu Azmi’s misogynistic comments about how women should dress and that they shouldn’t leave the house unless unaccompanied by a male member of their family.

The actor, who just got back from a family holiday, took to social media to share his thoughts and almost tears up while commenting on the kind of society we’ve become.

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