‘New Age MPs’: Tweets Shut Down Trolls Shaming Mimi & Nusrat
‘New Age MPs’: Tweets Shut Down Trolls Shaming Mimi & Nusrat
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‘New Age MPs’: Tweets Shut Down Trolls Shaming Mimi & Nusrat

Two Trinamool Congress MPs Nusrat Jahan and Mimi Chakraborty got trolled on social media after they posted pictures from their first day at the Parliament.

The actors-turned-politicians were asked by netizens to not ‘pose’ in front of the Parliament. Some found their dressing inappropriate for ministers. Many dug up old videos and photos of the duo to demean them.

Why so much outrage? What does it matter what the ministers wear? Who decided the dress code of politicians? Why is it assumed that the woman’s capabilities is dependent on how much they fit into anyone’s expectation of ‘decent dressing’? Doesn’t this expose the hypocrisy of women empowerment?

Many politicians, actors and others took to Twitter to teach the trolls these lessons.


‘No Dress Code For Politicians’

“Don’t think any rule book of Parl or Constitution has specified dress code for MPs,” said one Twitter user. “Love the spunk and confidence. Maybe u can give fashion tips to other MPs too. May your tribe increase [sic],” she added.

Another actor-turned-politician Khushbu also tweeted in support of Mimi and Nusrat.

“You are the symbol of the new gen. Continue to be who you are and the way you are. Your clothes do not define you,your work will. Bring in the change you wish to see [sic],” she said, adding that she is looking forward to hearing them loud in the Parliament.

Congress member Shamina Shafiq asked why it is difficult to understand that a woman’s abilities are not inversely proportional to her external appearance. “Really pity those who seem to have a fixed, stereotypical idea of what MPs look like,” she said.

Shiv Sena leader Priyanka Chaturvedi congratulated Nusrat and Mimi and said, “I loved what you both are wearing, in tune with the changing times.”

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Criminal History Vs Western Outfits

Some Twitter users pointed out that the outrage should be directed at the fact that 43 percent of members of Parliament have a criminal history.

“Its [Parliament] holiness does not get defiled when 43 percent of its members have criminal history. But, the sanctity gets threatened when two young MPs enter it while wearing western outfits,” tweeted one user.

Another Twitter user said the sight of Mimi Chakraborty and Nusrat Jahan in front of Parliament is “way more cheerful sight to behold than a terror accused sitting inside the building of parliament”.

Let us just stick to the performance of our representatives rather than comment on their attires, tattoos or their past profession. Question them if they don’t serve the country well, otherwise, we are just hypocrites.

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