Despite Snub, Bhim Army Supporters Vow to Back UP Gathbandhan

Despite Snub, Bhim Army Supporters Vow to Back UP Gathbandhan


The Opposition grand-alliance in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday, 7 April, organised its first joint rally, where its leaders not only slammed the BJP, which they claimed will be defeated in the Lok Sabha polls, but also castigated the Congress, saying the partyy does not want the alliance to win and will only divide votes.

In a grand show of strength of the anti-BJP coalition in the religiously sensitive town in Saharanpur district, which goes to polls in the first phase on 11 April, BSP supremo Mayawati, SP chief Akhilesh Yadav and Rashtriya Lok Dal leader Ajit Singh addressed the rally, and announced only their alliance can challenge the BJP.

“The Congress is not strong enough to give a tough fight to the BJP. Only the grand-alliance can,” said Mayawati, who addressed the rally first.

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Employment and Roads: The Biggest Issue

Speaking to The Quint, the locals who had gathered for the rally said that the main issue that needs to be addressed is unemployment.

“We have a lot of hope from the alliance. We are fed up of Modi because look at the poverty. A poor person goes out to work but there is no work. Look at the inflation. We cannot eat.”

Bhim Army Supporters Reach Rally

In earlier tweets, Mayawati had accused Bhim Army Chief Chandrasekhar of being a ‘BJP stooge’ who was working at the behest of the ruling party to divide the Dalit votes.

However, Bhim Army supporters reached the rally and pledged their support to Mayawati.

One of the supporters of Bhim Army while speaking to The Quint said, “There are attempts to weaken the alliance. But Bhim Army is with the alliance because it is the voice of Bahujan, and Chandrashekhar is helping Bahujans.”

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