Hindi Our Bhasha, Our Pride !

Hindi is the language that I have grown up with.

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It is the bhasha in which we uttered our very first words.

" Ek sabhya samaj ka Vikas wahi se aarambh hota hai jaha se log apne desh va janm bhoomi , waha ki sanskriti , etihas , ved - puran , granth , natya - nritya , chirta kala , vesh bhusha, khan pan, naitik mulyon ke sath sath apni matra bhasha ko bhi uchit samman de sake. Jo maan aur izzat hum apni bhasha ko de sakenge woh aant tak humare sath juda rahega kyuki humare liye humari bhasha keval swayam ko vyakt karne ka zariya nahi , balki humari pehechan, humara guroor hai ! "

The only way towards the establishment of a cultured and civilised society is when along with respecting our county, its tradition, culture, history, moral values, literature, dance, music, food, clothes and attires. We also develop respect for our mother tongue. If we are able to realise the worth of our bhasha, it will stay with us till the end. We know that our language is not just a source to express our thoughts , it is our identity , our pride!

I’m a daughter of a Gorkha man and a Garhwali woman. I have always had a mix blend of customs and cultures at my home that’s why I could never associate myself much with Gorkhali or Garhwali language. My core language was always Hindi.

Hindi is the language that I have grown up with. So it’s but natural that I have a soft corner for Hindi than any other language. But I’m no different . Many of us share a special bond with our mother tongue. We all love our mother tongue. It is the bhasha in which we uttered our very first words. The language that helped us make friends in school. The language that gives us a sense of belongingness. The bhasha in which we have heard bedtime story tales. The best bhasha in which we can express ourselves. The language that unites us.

You see, there are ample of reasons why we love our bhasha. But the most important one being we love our bhasha because it’s ours. The only way you can express and explain yourself better is in your bhasha.

Hindi is the awaaz of millions. It is the language that binds us together and sets us apart from the crowd. Hindi is not merely a language or an expression, it is our identity, our pride ! It bonds to us and we totally embrace it !

(This article was sent to The Quint by Vartika Baral for our Independence Day campaign, BOL – Love your Bhasha. Vartika is a high school graduate.

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