‘Freedom is to be Free From Any Fears,” Says a Bol Reader
Happy Independence Day.
Happy Independence Day.(Photo: Erum Gour/The Quint)

‘Freedom is to be Free From Any Fears,” Says a Bol Reader

I saw a gas air balloon vendor. It was beautiful to see all the balloons tied together, the vibrant colours just made me happy. Then a kid came along, and bought a red balloon. For a minute, I considered balloons to be human and thought, what a lucky guy he is (the red balloon) to have finally found a family. And for no reason, I was happy with that random thought.

But then just before the boy was about to enter his home, he let go off the balloon. Up and up it went... Soon, the balloon was out of sight. Lost amidst the clouds. Not able to see the balloon, I felt sad. That’s when I realised that humans are just like that red balloon. We all want to leave our house. Live somewhere far, leaving our friends and family but then we get so busy in our lives that we forget about our friends and family.

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Freedom is to stay free of fear and to always to have a positive and optimistic mindset. Freedom is to be happy and keeping others happy. Freedom is never self-centred, it’s always working along and taking care of others in the society.

Sourav Pansari’s ‘Bol’

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