Saline Nasal Washing: The Go-To Solution For Nasal Blockage During Common Cold

Otrivin Breathe Clean helps remove bacteria, germs, viruses and air pollutants from your nostrils.

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Self-care has proven to be pivotal for our well-being, especially in these current times. Either by choice or force, we follow various hygiene rituals such as regular handwashing, warm showers, steam inhalation, and drinking warm fluids like herbal tea or soup. But, an important self-care practice that many of us miss out on is nasal washing. It is a nasal hygiene practice that goes a long way in building immunity and safeguarding our respiratory health.

Nasal Washing – An Important Step to Nasal Hygiene

Our nose is the gateway to our respiratory system, and as such, it has a host of essential functions. It warms, humidifies and purifies the air we breathe. Its mucous membrane protects airways against external threats by filtering particles present in the air. All of these functions can perform at their optimal levels only when proper nasal hygiene is maintained. This is where saline nasal washes are helpful; it washes out excess particles like dust, germs, pollen from the nasal passage and soothes it. It even gently cleanses the nasal cavity during a cold or allergic condition and prevents many respiratory issues.

Benefits of Saline Nasal Washing

There's more than one good reason as to why you should start making saline nasal washing a part of your daily self-care routine. An isotonic saline solution like Otrivin Breathe Clean helps remove bacteria, germs, viruses and air pollutants from your nostrils. It also keeps the nasal mucous membrane moisturized and prevents it from getting dry. Regular nasal washing helps build immunity, which in turn helps prevent various respiratory problems. Also, doctors prescribe saline nasal washes to those who've undergone nasal or respiratory surgeries to maintain nasal hygiene, to prevent post-surgical complications and to remove crusting. Irrespective of whether you've had surgery or not, daily nasal washing with nasal washes like Otrivin Breathe clean can help you steer clear of germs and environmental pollutants that may affect your respiratory health.

Saline Nasal Washing: The Go-To Solution For Nasal Blockage During Common Cold

Dos and Don'ts of Nasal Hygiene

Considering the sensitivity of our nose, it goes without saying that maintaining good nasal hygiene is of utmost importance. So here are some pointers on what you should and shouldn't do:


  • Spend a few minutes every day doing breathing exercises

  • As far as possible, avoid using carpets at home since they gather a lot of dust; if you have them, make sure to clean them regularly

  • Maintain proper humidity levels and ventilation, especially in the room you sleep · Use saline nasal washes like Otrivin Breathe Clean to wash out pollutants and germs

  • Saline nasal washing helps in keeping the nose moisturized and restores the normal functions of the nose in case of a cold or when one is dealing with allergies


  • Don't let dust accumulate in your home. Daily dusting is necessary to ensure that dust doesn't build up on surfaces

  • Don't step out without a mask

  • Stop smoking and try to avoid second-hand smoke

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (“Company”) for sharing information in the public interest. GSK does not approve or recommend the use of medicine in any way other than what is approved. Thus, should not be considered as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a health care practitioner for more details.


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