Top Five Influencers Who ‘Owned It’ In 2021

It is all about living in the now, recording that moment, and sharing that moment of happiness with the world.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Top Five Influencers Who ‘Owned It’ In 2021</p></div>

They call Gen Z the generation that overshares. New cocktail club in town? They will share a photo dump of the ah-mazing drinks that they lavished on their Saturday night out. The Lo-fi track everyone is raving about, and the next thing you know it is the ambient music in their new video which focuses on fairy lights, chill scenes, and empty pizza boxes. A broken heart? And they snap up a TED talk faster and often wittier than Karthik Aryan’s singular rants.

In a nutshell, Generation Z is feisty, jazzy, and the ultimate OG. They are quick to tap a moment, live in that moment, record that moment, and share that moment with the entire world. Their feeds and timelines are their art canvasses, and they are not shy of owing their creations, emotions, and vulnerabilities in these spaces!

Boomers often like to label Gen Z as an impatient generation constantly snacking and reeling on personalized content that retains their attention only for a few seconds. But youngsters today are seeking new experiences to escape the monotony and drudgery of everyday life. Reels, memes, and photo dumps are the new distraction when they have exhausted their streaming choices. And the “Little Things” that some of these celebrities or influencers share in these spaces often become their sources of inspiration for new content.

Today the online community is cluttered with big names, and we bring to you the top five influencers who “Owned It” this year.

#1 Lisa Mishra On Failures And Rejections

Lisa Mishra is an Indian American singer and songwriter. A data analyst from Chicago, Lisa holds a double major in economics and religion. But she was always passionate about music and started her own YouTube channel in 2007 when she was 13. She shot to stardom when Sonam Kapoor saw her musical mashup of Tareefan and Let Me Love You.

#2 Krishna Shroff On Challenging Herself

Challenge yourself. You are your biggest competitor. You can achieve more than you think you can.

Internet is full of quotes from self-help books and good advice. But we always need that extra push from someone on the outside to break through the obstacles in our life and come out victorious on the other side. The way Krishna Shroff helps us.

#3 When Komal Pandey Told Us To Flaunt It If You Have Got It

Have you done your Saturday night out, right if you haven’t posted a candid moment where you get to flaunt your new maxi dress?

From when girls went gaga about Kareena Kapoor’s ghagra that she flaunted in K3G to today shopping online for the same dress that we saw our favorite influencer pose around in, there isn’t much that has changed for fashion. And Komal Pandey tells us as much because if you’ve got it, you should flaunt it!

#4 Aadar Malik On Following Your Passion

In a world where nothing and nobody sticks? Following your passion isn’t easy. It requires patience, persistence, and determination. Your dreams demand that you constantly work on yourself and that you chase them no matter what. But it doesn’t mean you only wallow. It is all about enjoying that process and the journey. And Aadar Malik reminds us that it is okay to laugh at ourselves even when we screw up!

#5 Sushant Khatri On Owning The Day And Living In The Now

Life is too short to perennially sit and contemplate things. Some of us may never feel ready. Ready to hit publish. Ready to go live. Ready to take that next step. We will always be in two minds, afraid of rocking the boat, not wanting to take the plunge, or simply being afraid to commit because we think that we need to improvise and we need time. But as Sushant Khatri says, there is no right time to show your talent, make the most, and own the now.

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