Meet Abhay Agarwal, the Man Behind Health ATMs in India

Abhay's Clinics on Cloud, a health tech firm, currently capitalizes 80% of India's Health ATM market.

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Roorkee native Abhay Agarwal is revolutionizing preventive healthcare in India through his pioneering venture, Clinics on Cloud. As the Founder and CEO, Abhay has spearheaded the company's mission to bridge gaps in healthcare services via their innovative Health ATM platform, transforming the way communities access essential medical services.

Guided by the vision of 'HEALTH FOR ALL', Clinics on Cloud is dedicated to making preventive diagnostics accessible to everyone.

"Our mission is to alleviate the burden of illness and healthcare costs globally by providing affordable and instant health checkups through Health ATMs", says Abhay. With an ambitious goal of placing one health kiosk every two kilometers, Clinics on Cloud aims to ensure healthcare is within everyone's reach.

With over 2,500 Health ATMs strategically installed across India, Clinics on Cloud is expanding the reach of preventive healthcare. Each Health ATM can check over 60 health parameters in less than 10 minutes, ensuring quick and comprehensive health assessments. CoC has over 8 million patients registered, and has operations in five countries, including Africa, the Philippines, and the Middle East. The company collaborates with PSUs, various state governments in India and globally, top government and private hospital chains, Fortune 500 companies for CSR initiatives, and educational institutions for student and staff health.

"We are proud to work with such diverse partners to enhance healthcare accessibility", says Abhay.

Since its inception in 2017, Clinics on Cloud has made remarkable progress in the healthcare sector. With operations spanning over 200 cities and a robust presence across India, the company has positively impacted millions of lives.

Additionally, Clinics on Cloud’s telemedicine feature brings doctors to patients' screens, providing remote consultations with access to all necessary health reports. This ensures timely medical advice and reduces the need for physical visits, especially in remote areas.

"Telemedicine is a game-changer, particularly for those in remote locations who may not have immediate access to healthcare facilities", Abhay explains.

In terms of financial growth, Clinics on Cloud has shown significant strides since its inception. In its initial years from 2018 to 2020, the company focused heavily on research and development. This laid the foundation for its subsequent financial milestones: ₹5 Crores in 2020-21, ₹8 Crores in 2021-22, ₹14 Crores in 2022-23, and ₹21 Crores in 2023-24. The company is profitable and completely bootstrapped, with an EBITA of 20% and an ARR projected to reach ₹110 Crores by FY 25.

"Our financial growth reflects our commitment to making healthcare accessible and affordable", Abhay notes. Clinics on Cloud has seen year-on-year customer growth of 50%, with a 5X growth this year due to new models and increased offerings.

Abhay Agarwal's Clinics on Cloud continues to set benchmarks in the health tech industry, proving that innovation and dedication can indeed bring healthcare within everyone's reach. "Our journey has just begun. We are committed to creating a healthier future for everyone.", Abhay concludes.

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