Let’s Uncondom: Who Said Protection And Pleasure Have To Be Mutually Exclusive?

There are multiple myths about male condoms. Uncondom by wearing Nothing, feel all the pleasure and stay safe!

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Open relationships, polyamory, "situationships" and other new-age terms have complicated the dating lexicon of the day. Or, maybe simplified dating. As young Indians discover their sexual preferences and identities, there are concerns around practicing safe sex. Many prefer to engage in intimate acts without using any protection. One common complaint? That condoms take away some of that pleasure during sex, or that pausing to put on a condom kills the mood. What if we told you that you can uncondom by wearing Nothing, feel all the pleasure and still stay safe?

There are multiple myths about male condoms. We set aside the myths from facts.

#1 You Can Be Safe And Still Feel The Pleasure When Rolling Around

One of the common misconceptions is that condoms take away some feelings during sex or that stopping to put on a condom kills the mood. There are a few ways to make using condoms fun and sexy. It is all about finding the one that fits right and feels good.

Some condoms like Skore’s Nothing condoms make sex most pleasurable. When you wear Nothing – Skore’s thinnest range of flavored condoms- it feels like there is nothing between you and your partner. Made of premium quality latex that ensure high sensitivity without compromising on protection, the “Nothing” condom removes all reasons that people don’t like using condoms while ensuring the act gives you maximum pleasure.

#2 I Trust The People I Am Having Sex With

We like to believe that we do not need a condom because we trust our partners to be honest with us.

But Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) do not discriminate between good and bad people. Lots of STIs do not have any symptoms, so you could infect each other without even knowing it. Thus, it is always important to be responsible and reasonable and use protection. Especially, if you are with multiple partners at a time.

#3 We Do Not Need Protection During Oral Sex

Another common mistake? People think that they do not need a condom if they are having oral sex. If you are someone who likes to see the act through to the end and have had that conversation with your partner beforehand if he is “clean”, then it is a different story.

Otherwise, you do need a condom during oral sex as well. Why? Because infections such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and herpes can be passed on through oral sex. So, it's important to use a condom. Skore’s “Nothing” flavoured condoms come in Strawberry and Chocolate flavours, that make it an ideal choice for this purpose.

#4 Condoms Break Or Split Easily

People often complain about inhibitions around how condoms can break or split easily. If that happens in the middle of the act? Not only is it risky but also a complete mood-killer. Therefore, you need to buy the right kind and put it on carefully. Make sure there's no air bubble at the end by squeezing the top as you roll it down. Be careful of sharp nails, jewelry, or teeth. If the condom does not roll down all the way, it's probably inside out. Never try to turn a condom the other way round as there could already be sperm on the tip (it's sometimes released before ejaculation).

#5 Condoms Cut Off Blood Circulation?

No, they do not. A condom should be a comfortable fit. If it's too tight it might split and if it's too lose it might leak. There are lots of different shapes and sizes. If a condom is too small or big for you, try a different size or brand.

When used and sized correctly, condoms are not only easy and effective but also maintain high levels of sensitivity. They allow everyone to have control over their sexual and reproductive health.

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