Bridging the Student-Teacher Gap Using Smarter Technology

With schools being shut, students from across the country have been suddenly cut off from their studies.

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Recent government estimates show that India faces a shortage of as many as 1 million teachers. Furthermore, the country has a decreasing student-teacher ratio too. As a result, there’s a lot of strain on the country’s academic system and several students are deprived of quality education. While this situation is undoubtedly alarming, it has gotten particularly worse in the wake of the lockdown imposed to contain the spread of COVID-19.

With schools being shut, students from across the country have been suddenly cut off from their studies.

This pandemic has further exacerbated the problem of access to education and left students in a lurch. And the ones that have been badly hit are those that belong to remote areas. As compared to their urban counterparts, children from small towns and villages are now faced with bigger challenges when it comes to their studies. Here is where e-learning can prove to be a game-changer by providing a level-playing field to students from different parts of India. It has the potential to transform the country’s educational landscape while ensuring that every child gets an equal opportunity to learn. E-learning can greatly benefit students in that they can carry on with their studies seamlessly even in the midst of an unprecedented crisis, like the one we’re facing now.

It is with this objective that Lenovo has launched SmarterEd, an educational platform developed in collaboration with a not-for-profit organisation called eVidyaloka.

Smarter Technology For All

Lenovo’s SmarterEd attempts to bridge the country’s massive student-teacher gap with smarter technology.

The platform connects volunteer teachers from across India with students that are hungry for knowledge.

It uses a unique algorithm to match students and teachers basis their learning and teaching styles, respectively. It makes use of a smart profiling engine to find teachers that are most likely to succeed with students. This way, it’s a win-win situation for both.

Boon For Students

Lenovo SmarterEd couldn’t have come at a better time given that schools all over the country have suspended classes owing to the lockdown. It’s a secure, accessible and enriching platform where every student - no matter in which city, town or village - can find a teacher.

With schools being shut, students from across the country have been suddenly cut off from their studies.
Every student can find a teacher with Lenovo SmarterEd.
(Photo: Lenovo India)

Students can learn any subject of their choice in one-to-one learning sessions from home itself and at a time of their convenience. SmarterEd is available for students of classes V to XII. The platform has links to NCERT and State syllabus e-books for students. It also has a chat engine that facilitates seamless interaction between teachers and students. So in case you have any doubts, you can easily get it cleared. Another major advantage of this platform is that it supports multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu.

The present crisis has shown, more than ever, that the Indian education system needs a major digital overhaul so that situations like these don’t put a brake on children’s education.

Lenovo SmarterEd is a significant step in this direction. It’s an inclusive and empowering platform that uses smarter technology to ensure that students across all social segments have access to quality education.

So if you know any student whose education was abruptly interrupted by the pandemic, introduce them to Lenovo SmarterEd and give them #ASmarterPlaceToLearn.

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