Here's How You Can Improve Your Mental Health By Cutting Out Financial Stress

The stress caused by financial difficulties cannot be overlooked.

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Here's How You Can Improve Your Mental Health By Cutting Out Financial Stress
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We live in a rapidly demanding, all-consuming era where taking a moment to look after yourself might come at a cost. We’ve evolved beyond our means and imagination to create a highly competitive world. It won’t be incorrect to say that this evolution has come at the cost of our mental health.

Thanks to social media, we have finally started talking about mental health. However dealing with mental health issues is still way down our list of priorities. We are constantly bombarded with good, bad and ugly information, round the clock. From social media apps to videos on the internet to personal/political/professional discussions, everything affects our mental health but seldom do we take a moment to address it. The incessant accumulation of stress leads to mental health issues which often gets in the way of our personal and professional lives.


Hence, it’s all the more imperative to inculcate these 5 steps in our daily lives to maintain good mental health:

1. Maintain a Support System: Whether it’s one person, 2 people, your family or friends, it’s necessary to be surrounded by that core group of people who will listen to you when life stops making sense. Bottling up feelings and emotions does not bear well for mental health.

2. Be Physically Active: Being physically active isn’t just good for the body but also essential for one’s mental health as it boosts the production of endorphins and serotonin in the brain. It raises your self-esteem and improves confidence.

3. Learn a New Skill: Indulging in a new activity or learning a new skill aligns your brain with a new sense of purpose. It can give you a sense of achievement which in turn, boosts self-confidence.

4. Eat Healthy: Sticking to a nutrient-rich diet means setting yourself up for fewer mood swings and enhanced focus. Studies have also shown that diets devoid of processed food can help with symptoms of depression and anxiety.

5. Sleep Well: There’s a close relationship between sound sleep and a sound mental health. Sufficient amount of sleep helps your brain process emotional information. Lack of processing time leads to accumulation of stress.


While these steps are helpful to maintain a sound mental health, there are several common factors that lead to stress, causing a dip in one’s mental health.

- Financial difficulties: Poor financial situation is one of the leading causes of stress in our generation. Hence, efficient management of money isn’t just good business sense, it’s essential for one’s survival.

- Being overworked: Long working hours leave us physically and mentally exhausted, thus not allowing enough time to focus on anything else, leading to friction and stress in personal life.

- Poor time management: Lagging behind work or unable to deliver a task in its defined deadline adds pressure to one’s mental health.

- Unhealthy Lifestyle: A lot of people often adapt unhealthy coping mechanisms as part of their lives when confronted with stress. Whether it’s unhealthy fast food or smoking, these unhealthy lifestyle habits start off as an escape from stress but in reality, they take away your ability to cope with stress and in some cases, they increase your stress levels.


In today’s context, the stress caused by financial difficulties cannot be overlooked. Despite the presence of efficient financial policies and plans, poor financial condition has forced millions into depression.

Hence, the importance of a viable and structured insurance plan cannot be overstated.

HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Super provides you and your family the protective umbrella you need to maintain financial stability even in the worst of crisis. To cope with the ambiguity of today’s fast-paced life, the HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Super term plan dispenses benefits based on your varying lifestyle and needs to provide a truly dynamic cover for your family.


The major highlights of HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Super are:

- Provides comprehensive ­financial protection to your family

- Option to choose a cover which ­fits your needs from 3 plan options

- Get back all premiums paid on survival till maturity with Return of Premium^ option

- Additional amount payable in case of accidental death* during policy term

- Provides Acceleration of Death benefit on diagnosis of specified terminal illnesses, till age 80 years.^

- Option to choose increasing Death Benefit up to 200% under Life option

- Option to vary your Death Benefi­t according to your need under Life Goal option

- Waiver of Premium on diagnosis of Critical Illness (through WOP CI option)

- Waiver of Premium on Total and Permanent Disability (through WOP Disability option)

- Option to choose Additional Cover for Spouse^

- Option to receive Death Benefit in Instalments

^ Available under Life & Life Plus plan options
*Available under Life Plus plan option


In addition, the HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Super plan comes with 3 policy options:

1. LIFE: Under this option, the life assured is covered for death benefit during the policy term, which can be accelerated in the case of diagnosis of terminal illness.

2. LIFE PLUS: Under this option, the life assured is covered for death benefit, which can be accelerated in the case of diagnosis of terminal illness. An additional amount will be payable in case of accidental death during policy term.

3. LIFE GOAL: Under this option, the sum assured payable on death would vary with the policy year, in accordance with the ‘Level Cover Period’ and ‘Amortisation Rate’ as chosen by the policyholder.


With HDFC LIFE Click 2 Protect Super plan in your financial armoury, you will have one less life battle to stress about. After all, we all deserve a financially structured life that we can fall back on when things don’t go as planned.

To learn more about HDFC LIFE Click 2 Protect Super, click here.

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