Forevermark’s Avaanti Collection Celebrates The Ripples of Change

The latest jewelry collection embodies a woman's ability to bring a change and make a lasting statement every day.

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When we talk about women there are myriad adjectives that come to our mind. She is bold and graceful, passionate and strong-minded, empathetic and courageous. But beyond everything, she is always determined to bring about a change, constantly thinking about how she can improve things around her. Whether it is a homemaker constantly innovating in her kitchen to get her family onto a healthier diet or a businesswoman who is constantly trying to change and improve her office’s work culture.

Simply put, women with their inimitable personalities try to bring a ripple of change wherever they are.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Neck pieces from the Avaanti Collection</p></div>

Neck pieces from the Avaanti Collection

Courtesy - Forevermark 

Be The Change You Wish To See

Change is the only constant. Change is at the core of our existence-thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas, even our relationships change. While, changes to our habits, nature, and personality may offer us a real chance at growth. It is also hard for some of us to adapt to these changes. It is not easy to accept and adapt.

But to bring about a real change around you, first and foremost, you must be willing to change. We live in a world full of views, opinions, and judgments. Women, particularly, appear to be judged for everything from the way they sit to the clothes they wear to the size of the rock on their fingers.

We cannot challenge the thoughts and views of those around us. But we can always change the way we react….or rather not react to them. Don’t let anyone else’s opinion of you and your choice have a ripple effect on your personality. The diamond jewelry from Forevermark’s iconic Avaanti collection is raising a glass to all women who are unapologetic in making this statement.

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Earrings from the Avaanti Collection

Courtesy - Forevermark 

You Are Allowed To Have A Change Of Heart

As women, we are expected to follow a certain lifestyle or toe the line drawn for us. Whether it is at boardrooms where they tell us not so ceremoniously that this is “how the system works” or in our drawing rooms where they educate us about “the family rules and traditions”. Many of us fear hostility or are wary of causing any friction and thus, try to adapt to the status quo. But not all of us can conform to such a narrative. Some of us may have a change of heart and decide to explore greener pastures. And that is fine. Let no know guilt you into thinking that your judgment is clouded.

They say you cannot change the world. Instead, you must change yourself to fit the mold. That is true. But it is also true that you have an equal chance at wanting to live in another world, a better world that is more receptive to your ideas, principles and open to the concept of finding a middle ground. You’re allowed to make that statement to yourself and others around you. Because only when you’re happy and growing will you be able to nurture those around you. The Avaanti collection symbolizes this power of possibility and encourages women to unleash their own ripple of change on the world. It is a powerful reminder that the moments we seize today can become the unstoppable momentum of tomorrow.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Bracelet from the Avaanti Collection</p></div>

Bracelet from the Avaanti Collection

Courtesy - Forevermark 

You can explore the alluring pieces of the Avaanti collection here:

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