5 Times When a ‘View Once’ Message Feature is Exactly What You Need

Share. Open. Erase.

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WhatsApp’s latest update enabled the much-anticipated ‘View Once’ feature for images and video attachments sent and received on the popular messaging app. As the name suggests, ‘View Once’ lets users share images and videos that can only be opened once, after which they cannot be viewed again. What makes this an amazing feature is that it actually has a bunch of interesting use cases - the most obvious one being privacy.

Here are the different reasons why we think ‘View Once’ is great for WhatsApp users.

#1 When Sharing Something Secretive

When chatting with close friends or family we often find ourselves having to share something secretive with them. While the people we usually share such information with are within our circle of trust, it still feels weird to have the information out there. What if someone were to access their phone? Thanks to ‘View Once’, we can now rest assured knowing that our discrete data is not floating out there in limbo for someone to exploit.

#2 When Sharing Something ‘In The Moment’

At times when you’re experiencing something amazing ‘in the moment’ you might feel the urge to share it with your loved ones through an impromptu photo or video clip. And you don’t necessarily want to have a record of it out there. Something like the picture of a newborn baby in the hospital - on one hand you want to share this euphoric moment, but on the other hand, you don’t like the idea of a toddler’s image being shared around. Once again, ‘View Once’ to the rescue.

#3 When Sharing Something Embarrassing With a BFF

They say the best kind of friendships are those where both parties know the most embarrassing stuff about each other. No arguments there, but sharing is one thing and holding onto things that should be erased from the memory is a whole other thing. Whether it’s an ugly, embarrassing selfie or a bad haircut photo or a wayward eyeliner with a mind of its own, it’s a much safer option to just share, enjoy and erase. That’s exactly what ‘View Once’ enables.

5 Times When a ‘View Once’ Message Feature is Exactly What You Need

#4 Maybe a Confession?

Okay, so no one’s perfect and we all make mistakes. Whether it’s not being able to maintain your new year resolution or getting involved with someone your friends warned you about, everyone has their own confession list in their heads. ‘View once’ is a great feature here as well, as it helps you get stuff off your chest by sharing a confession or two with your BFF, without having to worry if anyone can misuse it.

5 Times When a ‘View Once’ Message Feature is Exactly What You Need

#5 Trying to NOT Eat Into Device Memory

Last but not the least, one of the most relatable problems people face is their phones running out of space. And when that happens, any new image or video you receive on your phone only makes matters worse. If someone shares something with you, you often feel obligated to view it, but the moment you do so, it takes up some space in your phone. Over time, that builds up, and before you know it, you’re getting ads to buy more storage space in the cloud. Yeah, that’s not a nice feeling. But with ‘View Once’, this is not something you need to worry about, as these images or videos do not take up any space on the receiver's device.

Bottom line is, ‘View Once’ is a helpful feature for anyone who has to deal with any of the aforementioned situations. If you want to experience it, just go to the Play Store or App Store and update your WhatsApp.

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