5 Thrilling Moments From ‘Shershaah’ That Kept Us On The Edge Of Our Seats

Although it's a biopic, on a famous man, 'Shershaah' has its fair share of thrilling moments
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"Yeh dil maange more." - Capt. Vikram Batra


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)<div class="paragraphs"><p>"Yeh dil maange more." - Capt. Vikram Batra</p></div>

It’s not often that you come across a movie that makes you tear up and yet keeps you on the edge of your seat at the same time. Especially when it comes to a biopic of a famous person, you start watching it mostly knowing how the story will more or less pan out. And yet, here’s Sidharth Batra starrer Shershaah, despite being a familiar story of martyred war hero Capt. Vikram Batra (PVC), which has no dearth of thrilling moments that keep you glued to your screen.

Fair warning - some spoilers here. Here’s our choice of 5 most thrilling moments from the film.

#1 Routine car-check turning into a firefight

Often when soldiers get posted in remote locations, the locals aren’t too pleased with their presence, because the frequent checkpoints and whatnot cause a fair amount of inconvenience for them. But then again, for the soldier, it’s part of their duty. A scene in the film features such a moment, and before you know it, a routine checkpoint turns into a scene of a gunfight between the troops and a bunch of armed terrorists trying to make their way through. It shows the reality of a soldier’s life - how quickly something routine can turn into a life-threatening moment.

#2 Casual banter with a shepherd leading to an ambush

Part of the charm of Shershaah is how the movie has some light moments between the soldiers, in an otherwise grim, wartime situation. One such scene where a soldier gets berated by a young shepherd whose herd is blocking a road, quickly reveals a more sinister layer, as it turns out to be an ambush. Another hard-hitting reality of a soldier’s life - you’re always a target, no matter how “at ease” you feel.

#3 Stealth mission against a terrorist leader

A major plotline in the movie features a terrorist leader, Haider, who’s been on the radar of the troops for a while. After Capt. Batra’s informant finally delivers the location of the militant, the troops launch a stealth mission to deal with him. But these things are easier said than done. How Capt. Batra and his unit manage to find Haider, without civilian casualties, clearly shows how professional soldiers get the job done.

#4 Base camp coming under sudden shelling

When the war starts, the 13 JAK Rifles, which Capt. Batra was a part, was merely kept as a reserve battalion. As the base camp was being, it suddenly came under artillery fire from enemy positions, which resulted in many casualties in their ranks. Even though this is a movie, imagine how terrible this situation was for the real people involved.

#5 Enemy intercepting a crucial radio communication

As Capt. Batra and another captain get ready to launch an attack to retake a bunker, they communicate via radio to confirm each others’ locations. But it turns out, the enemy bunker is also tuned into the same frequency. An attack that was supposed to take the enemy by surprise gets way more complicated than planned. But this is the reality of war. Things go wrong, and soldiers have to think on their feet all the time.

Shershaah does a great job of using Capt. Vikram Batra’s personal story to highlight the realities of war and how soldiers wear their lives on their sleeves. Any moment could be their last moment and it is within these moments that you get to see them shine, through their camaraderie, brotherhood, valour and bravery.

Shershaah is streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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