US President Obama. (Photo: AP)
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Obama’s Final Trip in Air Force One to Hometown Chicago

Outgoing US President Barack Obama will make a final ride on Air Force One to his hometown, Chicago to deliver a major speech at the end of his successful eight years of presidency, a top American official has said.

This is also likely to be Obama's final out of town-travel as the 44th President of the US, before he would pass on the baton to Donald Trump at a swearing in ceremony on 20 January.

Last Trip as a President

At this point, the trip to Chicago will be President Obama’s final trip outside of Washington, DC as President of the United States.
Josh Earnest, White House Press Secretary

"I think it is likely to be his last Air Force One flight – although it is obviously tradition for the former president to take one last flight aboard the presidential aircraft at the conclusion of the inauguration," he said.

Even though the Obamas would be moving to a city resident after 20 January, Barack would be taking the last customary Air Force One flight after Trump is sworn in as his successor.

"The President and First Lady will be leaving town shortly after the inaugural ceremony. But they will return, of course, to their rented house here in Washington, DC," he said.

Unlike in India, the former presidents in the US are not provided a government accommodation.

However, he and his family members would be receiving secret service protection.

Addressing the Nation From His Hometown

Obama, who is known for his oratory skills, is scheduled to deliver a major address to the nation from his hometown on Tuesday.

The President is committed to delivering a forward-looking speech that will examine briefly the significant progress that the US has made in the last eight years, he said.

“But it will take a closer look and he'll spend more time talking about what the President believes is necessary for us to confront the challenges that lie ahead," he added.