This new gadget will make travelling so much easier! (Photo: PTI)
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Robo Case: Dragging Your Luggage Could Now Be A Thing Of the Past 

“Great Scott!!”, is what the doctor from Back to the Future would’ve exclaimed if he were to witness the technological advancements currently taking place.

With innovative gadgets being released almost every day, there is a new one in town that may help make travelling easier for all.

Dragging that heavy luggage with you is about to be replaced with a robotic suitcase that would follow you around or move by your side. The innovative new suitcase, called Travelmate, gets synced with an app on your phones or tablets and moves at 7 mph. The cost, we guess, would be exuberant and would also raise security concerns, especially at airports.

Delta Airways, on the other hand, is now outfitting luggage tags with electronic chips for you to keep track of your bags.